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RT#132041 [UNI] Str.perl fails to escape certain lone diacritics at the start of the string.
RT#132020 [UNI] Prepend character breaks case changing functions on MoarVM
RT#131950 [UNI] Degenerates (combining marks missing a base character) with the repeat operator do not combine and are counted as separate graphemes `"\c[COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT]" x 5).chars`
RT#130914 [BUG] [BUG] [UNI] chr() aliases codepoint numbers mod 2**32
RT#130912 [BUG] [UNI] Str.perl/repl fail on outside-Unicode codepoints
RT#130564 [UNI] East_Asian_Width unicode property is not supported ( .uniprop(‘East_Asian_Width’) )
RT#130549 [UNI] <:Digit> apparently matches anything
RT#130542 [BELL] [JVM] [UNI] \c[BELL] returns the U+0007 control code not U+1F514 BELL
RT#130483 [BUG] [UNI] Regex Unicode properties check string values before checking bool properties
RT#130384 [UNI] degenerates: Mo or Mn Unicode characters combine with punctuation
RT#129878 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] [UNI] Grapheme boundaries not recalculated for string repetition
RT#128741 [LTA] [UNI] delimiter pairing doesn't work with diacritics
RT#128561 [LTA] [UNI] degenerates: Inconsistent whitespace rules re diacritics
RT#128546 [BUG] [BUG] [UNI] Version comparison confused by digit with diacritics
RT#126705 [UNI] Make little/big endian versions of MVM_string_utf16_encode_substr
RT#126704 [UNI] Have MVM_string_utf16_encode_substr emit a BOM
RT#125813 [UNI] [TESTNEEDED] Malformed UTF-8 (string out of bounds) with “say ('a' x 10000).IO.open”
RT#125070 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-unicode-information/uniname.t line:37 reason: :either [NYI]
RT#125069 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-unicode-information/uniname.t line:30 reason: :one [NYI]
RT#124996 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/NF-types.t line:30 reason: 'NFD type [NYI]'
RT#124995 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/NF-types.t line:11 reason: 'NFC type [NYI]'
RT#124991 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/Str.t line:8 reason: ':nfg adverb [NYI]'
RT#124990 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/NFK-types.t line:30 reason: 'NFKD type [NYI]'
RT#124989 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/NFK-types.t line:11 reason: 'NFKC type [NYI]'
RT#124910 [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-nfg/from-file.t line:29 reason: 'writing utf16 [NYI]'
RT#124863 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-general.t line:735 reason: Unions of properties of non-existent codepoints
RT#124687 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-str/encode.t line:24 reason: 'We do not handle NDF yet'
RT#122471 [UNI] uniname("\x[80]") returns empty string
RT#122470 [UNI] uniname("\0") returns NULL