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RT#132447 [TESTNEEDED] IO.slurp throws exception when run in threads
RT#132353 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error with using meta assign ops with bound SetHash
RT#132352 [TESTNEEDED] Set operators unfriendly to mutable types
RT#132328 [REGRESSION] [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] DBIish tests are failing spectacularly (JIT compilation of native calls)
RT#132283 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] BUILDALL is listed as one of the methods, maybe that's not right (say $foo.^methods)
RT#132269 [BUG] [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] JIT removing loop construct and confusing last()
RT#132249 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] use lib ‘’ spills guts (use lib ‘’)
RT#132108 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Test output should not be buffered even for non-TTYs (prove -j 8 …)
RT#132030 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Broken Text::CSV tests and possibly other ecosystem fallout (buffering)
RT#131626 [PERF] [PERFTEST] [TESTNEEDED] ≥ and ≤ are 36x slower than Texas version; ≠ is 15x slower
RT#131481 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] No perl6-debug
RT#131478 [TESTNEEDED] Warning about $. when using metamethod
RT#131406 [TESTNEEDED] Bug in Perl6::Metamodel::Naming method set_name. `CArray[Pointer].^shortname` returns 'Pointer]'; should be 'CArray[Pointer]'
RT#131362 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] Can “Cannot modify an immutable X” error message also include the value? (42 = $x)
RT#131041 [TESTNEEDED] Use of Nil in string context
RT#129882 [CONC] [IO] [TESTNEEDED] Proc with `.in.close` and `.out.slurp-rest` in different threads, hangs
RT#129787 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] die/CATCH inside a start-block with a channel heisenbugs
RT#129296 [TESTNEEDED] Splitting non-binary handles no longer works (run(:out, "ls").out.split: 0.chr)
RT#128758 [TESTNEEDED] Reduce with numeric ops does not numify things if only one arg is passed ([*] set(1,2,3))
RT#128062 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] (MoarVM) chdir does not respect group reading privilege
RT#127959 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Missing serialize REPR function for REPR SCRef | When using a class using a trait that modify metamodel
RT#127854 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] IO::Handle.read() won't return buffer sizes >= 100_000_000
RT#127845 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Making a parameter of a BUILD submethod a uint8 triggers a bytecode validation error in Rakudo
RT#127671 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] 「dir」 dies if weird unicode sequences are encountered (dir;)
RT#127423 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] EOF check in MoarVM breaks process substitution and opening of devices
RT#127403 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] [WEIRD] Matching over 256 items yields wrong results, sometimes
RT#127100 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message when specifying return type before parameters ( --> Bool, Int $x, Int $y )
RT#126972 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error mesage about getlexrelcaller (/a/)
RT#126539 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message about C3 linearization (no line number)
RT#126415 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] WhateverCode loses its mind inside //=
RT#126125 [TESTNEEDED] malformed "my" spuriously claims lack of type declaration
RT#125820 [9999] [TESTNEEDED] .roll(-9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999)
RT#125816 [9999] [TESTNEEDED] "x".indent(9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999)
RT#125674 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message prints wrong eject position (if True if { };)
RT#125641 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error messages when right bracket is missing: (), [], "" and so on
RT#125596 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message with if; and unless; without conditions
RT#125580 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] bag/set related issues
RT#125555 [NYI] [TESTNEEDED] Comparison ops for DateTimes in Rakudo
RT#125277 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message when using the wrong sigil with an @array or %hash
RT#120379 [JVM] [TESTNEEDED] java.lang.NullPointerException from incomplete regex on the REPL
RT#118397 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] array binding causes failures to be thrown
RT#112986 [TESTNEEDED] error 'Use of uninitialized $_ of type Any in numeric context" throws extra errors