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RT#133762 [TESTNEEDED] Quanthashes should be parameterizable
RT#132447 [TESTNEEDED] IO.slurp throws exception when run in threads
RT#132328 [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] DBIish tests are failing spectacularly (JIT compilation of native calls)
RT#132269 [BUG] [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] JIT removing loop construct and confusing last()
RT#132214 [LHF] [TESTNEEDED] `need` with version silently fails
RT#132108 [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Test output should not be buffered even for non-TTYs (prove -j 8 …)
RT#131871 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Regex code block closing over lexical variable, is not threadsafe
RT#131870 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Capture lookup inside regex is not threadsafe
RT#131813 [TESTNEEDED] Segfault with --profile
RT#131684 [TESTNEEDED] Iterator and Supply might fail early if Nil is sent on a channel
RT#131626 [PERF] [PERFTEST] [TESTNEEDED] ≥ and ≤ are 36x slower than Texas version; ≠ is 15x slower
RT#131510 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] Segfault when `-Ilib` while running a file that does `use lib <lib>` and loads some modules
RT#131481 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] No perl6-debug
RT#131375 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] error initializing large array on Windows (64-bit)
RT#131206 [TESTNEEDED] “Oops!!!” when using --target=ast (^…)
RT#131041 [TESTNEEDED] Use of Nil in string context
RT#130599 [LTA] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] internal backtrace is spewed when trying to assign to a Blob type object (Blob[2] = 100)
RT#130502 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message complains too much about Metamodel.nqp (Buf.new('0'))
RT#130370 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] Tapping on a very active .out of Proc::Async wrecks the work queue
RT#130327 [TESTNEEDED] MoarVM panic: Collectable 0x2aba12277918 in fromspace accessed
RT#129787 [CONC] [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] die/CATCH inside a start-block with a channel heisenbugs
RT#128553 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] multi method cache causes Base64 regression
RT#128062 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] (MoarVM) chdir does not respect group reading privilege
RT#127974 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] sprintf() not threadsafe/reentrant if the format tokens use explicit indices
RT#127854 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] IO::Handle.read() won't return buffer sizes >= 100_000_000
RT#127423 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] EOF check in MoarVM breaks process substitution and opening of devices
RT#127403 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] [WEIRD] Matching over 256 items yields wrong results, sometimes
RT#127093 [TESTNEEDED] gist missing for non-native typed array that doesn't get initialized
RT#127030 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] await start { qx/../ } doesn't wait
RT#126955 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] more .perl string quoting problems
RT#126587 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] require inside thread segfault hang
RT#126297 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] filehandle read in a thead causes a segfault when the thread ends
RT#125908 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] duplicate triggers of .act when using parallel greps on an IO::Notification.watch_path supply
RT#125641 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error messages when right bracket is missing: (), [], "" and so on
RT#120379 [JVM] [TESTNEEDED] java.lang.NullPointerException from incomplete regex on the REPL