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RT#132108 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Test output should not be buffered even for non-TTYs (prove -j 8 …)
RT#132083 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Broken math (-2147483648 != -2147483648)
RT#132042 [BUG] [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] Concurrently calling `say` can cause Rakudo to hang
RT#132030 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Broken Text::CSV tests and possibly other ecosystem fallout (buffering)
RT#132016 [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Supply.merge and signals ( signal(SIGTERM).merge(signal(SIGINT)) )
RT#132006 [TESTNEEDED] Instant.Instant is missing (say now.Instant)
RT#131936 [REGEX] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] [REGEX] Match.made leaks a `NQPMu`
RT#131924 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] \n\r and string concatenation improvements
RT#131855 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Mix.roll doesn't work with fractional weights
RT#131783 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] :delete holes in Arrays get turned to Mus when coercing to List or Slip
RT#131481 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] No perl6-debug
RT#131406 [TESTNEEDED] Bug in Perl6::Metamodel::Naming method set_name. `CArray[Pointer].^shortname` returns 'Pointer]'; should be 'CArray[Pointer]'
RT#131362 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] Can “Cannot modify an immutable X” error message also include the value? (42 = $x)
RT#131300 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] MoarVM panic if you check for membership in undefined Set
RT#131041 [TESTNEEDED] Use of Nil in string context
RT#130906 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Reducing a Seq with `=>` fails with "P6opaque: no such attribute '$!reified' in type List"
RT#130363 [TESTNEEDED] there's no match for Any aka /./ codegens differently from m/./
RT#130285 [TESTNEEDED] Unhealthy overflow in .head and .tail with huge negative numbers ( (4,5,6).tail(-9999999999999999999) )
RT#130107 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] unkown system error 0 via Proc::Async
RT#129882 [CONC] [IO] [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Proc with `.in.close` and `.out.slurp-rest` in different threads, hangs
RT#129878 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] [UNI] Grapheme boundaries not recalculated for string repetition
RT#129845 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] `.dir` returns corrupted `IO::Path`s under concurrent load
RT#129296 [TESTNEEDED] Splitting non-binary handles no longer works (run(:out, "ls").out.split: 0.chr)
RT#129291 [TESTNEEDED] problems when run()ning two procs and passing the :out of one to the :in of the other
RT#128758 [TESTNEEDED] Reduce with numeric ops does not numify things if only one arg is passed ([*] set(1,2,3))
RT#128062 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] (MoarVM) chdir does not respect group reading privilege
RT#127959 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Missing serialize REPR function for REPR SCRef | When using a class using a trait that modify metamodel
RT#127854 [TESTNEEDED] [EXOTIC TEST][TESTNEEDED] IO::Handle.read() won't return buffer sizes >= 100_000_000
RT#127845 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Making a parameter of a BUILD submethod a uint8 triggers a bytecode validation error in Rakudo
RT#127672 [TESTNEEDED] 「take」 inside global and exhaustive matching is broken (m:g/. {take 1}/)
RT#127671 [TESTNEEDED] 「dir」 dies if weird unicode sequences are encountered (dir;)
RT#127423 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] EOF check in MoarVM breaks process substitution and opening of devices
RT#127403 [BUG] [WEIRD] [TESTNEEDED] Matching over 256 items yields wrong results, sometimes
RT#126951 [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Interpolating a typed hash into an argument list produces wrong keys
RT#126927 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Spurious warning when trying to smartmatch num64 against Num in Rakudo
RT#126539 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message about C3 linearization (no line number)
RT#126125 [TESTNEEDED] malformed "my" spuriously claims lack of type declaration
RT#125813 [UNI] [TESTNEEDED] Malformed UTF-8 (string out of bounds) with “say ('a' x 10000).IO.open”
RT#125653 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] A promise returned by Proc::Async.start will never be kept or broken if the process is killed by the current process
RT#125466 [MATH] [TESTNEEDED] bitwise shift is inconsistent on int
RT#122345 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Returning from a parameter list default counts as returning 'outside of any Routine' in Rakudo on Moar
RT#121327 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Scoping bug with `xx`
RT#120379 [JVM] [TESTNEEDED] java.lang.NullPointerException from incomplete regex on the REPL
RT#118397 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] array binding causes failures to be thrown
RT#112986 [TESTNEEDED] error 'Use of uninitialized $_ of type Any in numeric context" throws extra errors
RT#77754 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] Null PMC access when calling .perl on callframe.my in Rakudo