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RT#130761 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] [TESTCOMMITTED] An if-block confuses &?ROUTINE to point at the wrong outer routine
RT#130713 [TESTCOMMITTED] 42.expmod(-1,1) hangs
RT#129919 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] asinh does not comply with IEEE
RT#129812 [JVM] [OPTIMIZER] [TESTCOMMITTED] `is rw` candidates get called even if a non-rw argument is passed
RT#128221 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] Weird internal error when parsing some very simple Pod with '-' in the first column of a table in Rakudo
RT#127208 [CONC] [SEGV] [TESTCOMMITTED] Non-deterministic segfaults in parallel code
RT#126198 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] Defining a Proxy with methods instead of subs leads to surprising results in Rakudo
RT#125466 [@LARRY] [MATH] [TESTCOMMITTED] bitwise shift is inconsistent on int
RT#122951 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] negative lookahead doesn't LTM properly
RT#121145 [JVM] [MOLD] [TESTCOMMITTED] Something wrong with LEAVE phaser in while loop
RT#116895 [BUG] [JVM] [TESTCOMMITTED] LTM alternation captures the wrong stuff when backtracking in Rakudo
RT#114388 [TESTCOMMITTED] LTA error when using s[] = "rea"
RT#70297 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] No explicit ^D and no newline after ^D in the REPL in Rakudo