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RT#131048 [BUG] [STAR] Cursor behavior with Unicode in command line interactive input
RT#130387 [BUG] [JVM] [STAR] rakudo star 2016-11 with jvm fails in debian 8 with java 64bit
RT#127040 [BUILD] [STAR] Installation of rakudo-2015.12 fails
RT#126473 [STAR] Unhandled exception: failed to load library 'dynext/libperl6_ops_moar.dylib'
RT#123497 [STAR] p6doc does not work on OSX (Rakudo * 2014.09)
RT#122752 [BUILD] [STAR] Allow different INSTALLLOCATION for Rakudo Star MSI package
RT#76930 [BUILD] [STAR] space in prefix path