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RT#132668 [NATIVECALL] [SEGV] [SEVERE] OpenSSL PEM_write_bio_RSAPrivateKey
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RT#132012 [SEVERE] Numeric values of signals are wrong (say +SIGUSR1)
RT#132005 [SEVERE] --target=parse and : invocant syntax (say 25:)
RT#131994 [REGRESSION] [SEVERE] int32 goes crazy on -2147483648 (my int32 $x = -2147483648; say $x * 1.0)
RT#131149 [SEVERE] uint attributes behave like int
RT#131003 [SEGV] [SEVERE] Heap corruption when using Gumbo
RT#130485 [SEVERE] » is no longer shuffled (<a b c d>».say)
RT#126063 [SEVERE] printf omits line number in error message
RT#124294 [BUG] [SEVERE] uint32 behaving like int64
RT#124088 [SEVERE] Unsigned int in highest bit length, stays negative