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RT#132328 [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] DBIish tests are failing spectacularly (JIT compilation of native calls)
RT#132228 [SEGV] nqp::push to a typeobject of a class with repr("VMArray")
RT#131780 [SEGV] Crash while running test
RT#131510 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] Segfault when `-Ilib` while running a file that does `use lib <lib>` and loads some modules
RT#131003 [SEGV] [SEVERE] Heap corruption when using Gumbo
RT#130379 [BUG] [SEGV] SegFault on Test::Fuzz
RT#129946 [BUG] [SEGV] Segfault in GC
RT#128870 [SEGV] Pushing into the same array from two threads segfaults reliably
RT#128839 [BUG] [SEGV] perl6 segfault
RT#128553 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] multi method cache causes Base64 regression
RT#128476 [BUG] [SEGV] .wrap causes segfault when wrapping core sub and using that sub in a module that uses the module that wraps
RT#128357 [SEGV] after count-only iterator opt
RT#128325 [SEGV] Moarvm segfaults or produces variuos errors while iterating through $list.race
RT#128280 [SEGV] core dump while profiling with a '.race'
RT#128172 [SEGV] perl6 crash, double free or corruption
RT#127440 [SEGV] with Crust
RT#127208 [CONC] [SEGV] [TESTCOMMITTED] Non-deterministic segfaults in parallel code
RT#126587 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] require inside thread segfault hang
RT#126551 [BUG] [SEGV] on EXPORT returning Hash in weird circumstance
RT#126350 [BUG] [SEGV] with precompile + add_method
RT#126297 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] filehandle read in a thead causes a segfault when the thread ends
RT#125978 [BUG] [CONC] [SEGV] (and other crashes) when using .hyper
RT#125507 [BUG] [PERF] [SEGV] A script shows an invalid read in valgrind (and leaks and segfaults) in Rakudo
RT#125254 [SEGV] history_get_time
RT#124057 [BUG] [SEGV] Proxy class attribute interaction segfaults
RT#123968 [SEGV] Rakudo on MoarVM segfaults on simple IO::Socket::Async echo server
RT#123488 [SEGV] using WHO on the instance of a parametric role causes segfault/internal error
RT#122716 [BUG] [SEGV] when digging into the package namespace of a type capture in Rakudo