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RT#132176 [RFC] Aliasing of Unicode ops to Texas Versions
RT#132148 [RFC] native 'str' type unspecced, undocumented, and ill-defined
RT#131919 [RFC] Returning Failure from failed P6-level .parse
RT#131599 [RFC] Allow a Callable for `is default` that will generate default values
RT#131583 [RFC] Sort content of ^methods
RT#130520 [RFC] Deprecate `flatmap`
RT#130493 [@LARRY] [RFC] .sink of class not getting called, but Mu.sink is
RT#130472 [RFC] permutations and combinations don't have a :distinct parameter
RT#130437 [9999] [RFC] Ranges with Infs on endpoints could be smarter ((0..Inf)[99999999999])
RT#130284 [RFC] What should the behaviour be for .pick / .roll with negative numbers?
RT#130187 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] [RFC] CArray cannot allocate contiguous memory
RT#130185 [RFC] Should Perl 6 run MAIN if the file is required?
RT#130136 [RFC] Proc.new has $nl parameter while everything else seems to have separate $nl-in and $nl-out
RT#130020 [@LARRY] [RFC] Create a set of conventions to minimize impact internal changes to user's code
RT#129909 [RFC] compile to jar files / moarvm files (without revealing original source code)
RT#129907 [RFC] Detect method call type within FALLBACK method
RT#129809 [NATIVECALL] [RFC] Types in NativeCall should have .ref method
RT#129172 [RFC] .trans different behavior for Str Pairs versus List Pairs
RT#129150 [IO] [RFC] IO::Notification needs .stat and separate notification for removal
RT#129131 [RFC] Make .. a numeric operator, please (.say for ‘42’..‘51’)
RT#129128 [RFC] qualified names in enum keys neither produce error nor work
RT#129025 [RFC] Warn the user if there is any code in a given block after the default or a when { * }
RT#129023 [RFC] can't coerce to role by calling
RT#128984 [RFC] (wontfix?): perl -c executes BEGIN and CHECK blocks
RT#128937 [RFC] Supply.throttle should return a Supply of pairs
RT#128900 [RFC] Make ^C in REPL abort the current line, if one is running
RT#128883 [RFC] 「my ($x) = …」 does not need a trailing comma, but you have to use it if there is no 「my」 (($x) = 4, 8)
RT#128752 [RFC] Expose Leap Second Tables for Ease of Updating by Module Space
RT#128610 [RFC] constant declarator doesn't like fully qualified names
RT#128468 [9999] [RFC] Using negative exit code should probably be forbidden (exit -99999)
RT#128458 [RFC] is traits don't work with parameterized types
RT#128418 [RFC] Deprecate eval-dies-ok/eval-lives-ok in favour of Str arg to dies-ok/lives-ok
RT#128399 [RFC] Scalar.WHICH doesn't discriminate enough
RT#128330 [RFC] delegate Array/Hash methods in a consistent way
RT#128278 [BUG] [LTA] [RFC] regex literals in signatures
RT#128159 [RFC] Disallow Invisible Terms and Operators for Security Reasons
RT#128108 [RFC] Allow named parameters with literal values in signatures
RT#128090 [RFC] A Way to Export Only Specific Symbols At Compile Time
RT#128076 [RFC] Allow native-int enums as speculated by S12
RT#127793 [RFC] The cmp operator for user-defined classes lacks consistency
RT#127725 [RFC] Method to convert a file descriptor to a filehandle
RT#127344 [@LARRY] [RFC] fail to handle numbers as option name for MAIN
RT#127293 [RFC] DOC INIT { use Module; } fails if Module is not installed, even if --doc is not used
RT#127243 [RFC] DESTROY is not called on interpreter exit
RT#127165 [RFC] make :%hash<key> a pair constructor
RT#127134 [RFC] Silent Success On Missing Commas
RT#127039 [RFC] Parsing of X<> formatting code is surprising
RT#126758 [RFC] bytes method in numerical types?
RT#126744 [RFC] Add something in META6 (spec 22) to specify non native dependancy
RT#126560 [RFC] $*USER and $*GROUP don't update when uid/gid change
RT#126119 [BUG] [RFC] Instant.from-posix has false future leap second knowledge
RT#126067 [RFC] sprintf and NaN, Mu, Any and Nil
RT#123577 [RFC] Ambiguous multisubs not throwing an exception
RT#122702 [RFC] TZ related failures in S32-temporal/local.t
RT#122256 [RFC] Implement Blob.EVAL method
RT#120272 [BUG] [RFC] Make dotty assignment `.=` work with non-identifier postfixes
RT#114684 [BUG] [RFC] Return type mismatch should return Failure, not throw exception
RT#111944 [RFC] a constant hash does not coerce its RHS correctly
RT#101558 [RFC] Using a Pager for POD6
RT#71536 [RFC] Rakudo should detect multi sub duplicates at compile time