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RT#132108 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Test output should not be buffered even for non-TTYs (prove -j 8 …)
RT#132088 [NATIVECALL] [REGRESSION] code broken by latest build
RT#132085 [REGRESSION] Possible regression after Match.(made|ast) changes
RT#132083 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Broken math (-2147483648 != -2147483648)
RT#132030 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Broken Text::CSV tests and possibly other ecosystem fallout (buffering)
RT#132010 [NYI] [REGRESSION] S metaop not implemented
RT#131994 [ANNOYING] [REGRESSION] int32 goes crazy on -2147483648 (my int32 $x = -2147483648; say $x * 1.0)
RT#131936 [REGEX] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] [REGEX] Match.made leaks a `NQPMu`
RT#131924 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] \n\r and string concatenation improvements
RT#131915 [REGRESSION] Proc using more memory since being a Proc::Async
RT#131914 [REGRESSION] Rakudo/Moar taking more memory at launch.
RT#131879 [REGRESSION] Memory “leak”
RT#131865 [REGRESSION] Looping over a HyperSeq in sink context does nothing (for <a b c>.hyper { say 2 })
RT#131858 [REGRESSION] default $.nl-in on IO::Handle does not correctly work in subclasses
RT#131855 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Mix.roll doesn't work with fractional weights
RT#131847 [BUG] [BUG] [REGRESSION] Anon state var doesn't work in regex
RT#131846 [BUG] [BUG] [REGRESSION] not accepting Inf/Whatever as upper bound
RT#131805 [PERF] [REGRESSION] .grep-ing Ints with a code block is now almost twice slower ( .grep({/foo/}) )
RT#131758 [BUG] [REGRESSION] 'Unhandled exception: const_n32 NYI at SeekFromEnd:9154'
RT#131584 [REGRESSION] EXPORTHOW SUPERSEDE/DECLARE Cannot invoke this object
RT#131344 [REGRESSION] behavior of slip has changed
RT#131247 [REGRESSION] )> in regex results in stuff being matched wrongly ( /)> . <(/ )
RT#131207 [REGEX] [REGRESSION] [REGEX] unexpected NFA
RT#131102 [REGRESSION] state variables are no longer working as expected in regex code blocks (/^ <?{ say $++ }> /)
RT#130906 [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] [TESTNEEDED] Reducing a Seq with `=>` fails with "P6opaque: no such attribute '$!reified' in type List"
RT#130599 [LTA] [REGRESSION] internal backtrace is spewed when trying to assign to a Blob type object (Blob[2] = 100)
RT#130598 [REGRESSION] while statement modifier returns blocks instead of running the code ( say ({ 42 } while $++ < 3) )
RT#130511 [LTA] [REGRESSION] No such symbol '' ( &::(‘½’) )
RT#130446 [LTA] [REGRESSION] Creating an enum from a Hash does not work but no longer warns (enum Bits (%thing))
RT#130444 [REGRESSION] Hash value constraints are no longer working (Hash[Int].new(‘abc’ => 20..50))
RT#130442 [LTA] [REGRESSION] redo without a loop no longer prints the line number, also claims it is a compile-time error (redo)
RT#130441 [REGRESSION] Writablity of elements of slurpy params depends on given arguments
RT#130439 [BUG] [REGRESSION] splice no longer attempts to numify things (@a.splice: ^3)
RT#130435 [REGRESSION] UNIT::EXPORT and Foo::EXPORT are no longer comparable (Foo::EXPORT === UNIT::EXPORT)
RT#130432 [REGRESSION] Changed behavior when assigning to array but not providing all elements (@b[1, 2, 3] = True)
RT#130431 [REGRESSION] Subclassing an Int no longer works flawlessly (my Foo $a .= new(42))
RT#130290 [REGRESSION] Weird behavior due to overflow when indexing from the back (@a[*-9999999999999999999]:delete)
RT#128872 [BOOTSTRAP] [REGRESSION] LEAVE inside a block is leaking internals on sub exit