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RT#132219 [@LARRY] [REGEX] non-ratchet right-hand branch of `||` causes backtracking into the alternation
RT#132186 [PRECOMP] [REGEX] "getlex: outer index out of range" with precomped `constant` Regex
RT#132121 [9999] [REGEX] Overflow of writing to aliases of numbered captures
RT#132004 [REGEX] Left-recursion causes infinite loop
RT#131925 [BUG] [REGEX] Smartmatch against `m//` operator mishandles junctions
RT#131871 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Regex code block closing over lexical variable, is not threadsafe
RT#131870 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Capture lookup inside regex is not threadsafe
RT#131207 [REGEX] [REGRESSION] unexpected NFA
RT#130910 [REGEX] Backtracking into a parameterized subrule like `<meh(42)>` tries to call it without arguments.
RT#130711 [REGEX] `**` quantifier with dynamic count, misbehaves under `:exhaustive` matching
RT#130612 [BUG] [REGEX] LTM favors some character class atoms over others, instead of using text order as a tie breaker
RT#130218 [REGEX] Erroneous behavior when creating tokens named “before” or “after” (token TOP { <before> }; token before { . })
RT#129299 [REGEX] Quantified capture group breaks `$/.list`
RT#128832 [BUG] [REGEX] Regex subrule problem <print> related
RT#127906 [REGEX] Array interpolation `@foo` doesn't backtrack
RT#126252 [REGEX] Lexical character classes cannot be used for complement or combined
RT#125618 [REGEX] Positional capture of separator on ?% operator causes compiler error
RT#125035 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_8.t line:98 reason: '\G'
RT#125034 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_8.t line:91 reason: 'character classes in enumerated range'
RT#125033 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_8.t line:71 reason: 'expensive quantifier'
RT#125025 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:114 reason: hangs
RT#125024 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:100 reason: (?i) and backreferences
RT#125023 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:50 reason: unknown issue
RT#125022 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:34 reason: unknown issue
RT#125000 [REGEX] S05-capture/named.t line:38 reason: 'assigning to match object'
RT#124904 [REGEX] S05-mass/rx.t line:2108 reason: 'regex <name>'
RT#124903 [REGEX] S05-mass/rx.t line:1505 reason: 'parse error'
RT#124899 [REGEX] S05-mass/rx.t line:1481 reason: ':s()'
RT#124897 [REGEX] Roast rakudo skip/todo test: S05-mass/rx.t:84 reason: '<commit> [NYI]'
RT#124892 [REGEX] Roast rakudo skip/todo test: 05-mass/rx.t:57 reason: '::: [NYI] "full backtrace failure"
RT#124795 [REGEX] S05-grammar/example.t line:55 reason: 'test error
RT#124745 [REGEX] S05-match/perl.t line:30 reason: '<foo::bar>'
RT#124685 [REGEX] Roast rakudo skip test: S32-str/split.t:491 reason: 'No such method null for invocant of type Cursor'
RT#124659 [REGEX] S05-transliteration/with-closure.t line:57 reason: 'Unable to resolve method ord in class Any'
RT#124527 [BOGUSTEST] [REGEX] S05-metasyntax/interpolating-closure.t line:28 reason: 'dunno'
RT#124525 [REGEX] S05-metasyntax/angle-brackets.t line:269 reason: '<*literal>'
RT#124521 [REGEX] S05-metasyntax/angle-brackets.t line:106 reason: 'angle quotes in regexes'
RT#123934 [REGEX] backtracking in LTM alternation in ratchet mode fails
RT#121307 [REGEX] no backtrack into group
RT#121263 [REGEX] :p modifier doesn't anchor to $/.to by default
RT#114748 [REGEX] recursive grammars
RT#75586 [LTA] [REGEX] no protection against potentially infinite quantification on zero-width assertion
RT#72234 [BUG] [REGEX] Adding a double-colon "cut group" to the inside of a ratcheted expression causes it to backtrack in Rakudo