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RT#132525 [BUG] [PRECOMP] [REGRESSION] type constraints to Array[Pair] don't work when precompiled
RT#132186 [PRECOMP] [REGEX] "getlex: outer index out of range" with precomped `constant` Regex
RT#131528 [PRECOMP] Issues when sub itself instead of its "dispatcher" used in sub EXPORT
RT#131130 [PRECOMP] Backtrace not serializable: Code ref '' does not exist in serialization context
RT#129855 [PRECOMP] "Missing serialize REPR function for REPR MVMContext" with shaped arrays
RT#128636 [BUG] [PRECOMP] is cached in a precompiled module results in error
RT#128483 [BUG] [PRECOMP] Issues with CALLER invocations in a precompiled module with subs exported by a zef/panda installed module
RT#128442 [PRECOMP] $?FILE contains bogus shortname when precompiled
RT#128371 [PRECOMP] bug
RT#127860 [BUG] [PRECOMP] Wrapped method fails when precompiled
RT#127302 [PRECOMP] Missing serialize REPR function for REPR MVMContext
RT#127108 [PRECOMP] Inexplicable failure of grammar post-CURI branch
RT#127034 [PRECOMP] - BEGIN inside EXPORT::DEFAULT cannot invoke this object
RT#127001 [NATIVECALL] [PRECOMP] CArray[CArray[int8]] fails type check
RT#126818 [PRECOMP] on "is cached" subs: getlex: outer index out of range
RT#122896 [BUG] [PRECOMP] 'is cached' routines break when precompiled
RT#122792 [BUG] [PRECOMP] .^add_fallback in module used by module causes precompilation to fail
RT#122447 [BUG] [PRECOMP] Cannot precompile sub with params returning a proxy
RT#121319 [BUG] [PRECOMP] multi sub not importing when precompiled