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RT#132306 [PERF] parameters, even if unused, make stuff slower ( f1($a, $, $, $, $, $) vs f2($a, $b, $c, $d, $e, $f) )
RT#132280 [PERF] [REGRESSION] Cool methods that take and pass a Capture are uber slower (.contains: 'meow' for ^10000_00)
RT#131805 [PERF] [REGRESSION] .grep-ing Ints with a code block is now almost twice slower ( .grep({/foo/}) )
RT#131626 [PERF] [PERFTEST] [TESTNEEDED] ≥ and ≤ are 36x slower than Texas version; ≠ is 15x slower
RT#130982 [PERF] "for $a..$b -> $i { ... }" loops are sometimes much slower than c-style loops
RT#130494 [BUG] [CONC] [PERF] Using Proc::Async with tap leads to memory leak
RT#129941 [BUG] [IO] [PERF] Perl 6 text file line read is much slower than Perl 5
RT#129275 [PERF] Infiniloop(?) Rapid Memory Consumption on attempting to use == with mixed-in Numeric
RT#128760 [BUG] [PERF] Adding postcircumfix operators makes compilation unacceptably slow
RT#128693 [PERF] Regex optimizer on \s+$ is "dumb as bricks"
RT#128388 [PERF] Callable.assuming() is slow
RT#128055 [PERF] Significant slowdown of multi-methods when the not-called one uses a "where" restriction.
RT#127881 [BUG] [PERF] slow array slicing
RT#127329 [PERF] OOM Killer bug with multiple -I CLI options
RT#127064 [PERF] Variable interpolation in regex very slow
RT#127020 [PERF] pod parsing memory is never freed
RT#126520 [PERF] Proxy objects - frequent FETCHs
RT#126189 [BUG] [PERF] `loop { 0, .1 ... 1000 }` leaks memory
RT#125974 [PERF] Closures in regex cost a lot of CPU cycles.
RT#125507 [BUG] [PERF] [SEGV] A script shows an invalid read in valgrind (and leaks and segfaults) in Rakudo
RT#125344 [PERF] Int..Whatever ranges are slow (~20 times slower than Int..Int)
RT#124098 [BUG] [PERF] Passing an argument list to the export trait slows the parse stage down a lot.
RT#123974 [PERF] Running regex on string defined in a loop eats tons of memory
RT#123957 [PERF] Attempting to use unimplemented operator on Rakudo invokes OOM killer
RT#119865 [PERF] Enough quantifiers in the declarative prefix in a regex takes exponential time in Rakudo