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RT#131610 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull) when doing coercitive type constraint with subset
RT#130761 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] [TESTCOMMITTED] An if-block confuses &?ROUTINE to point at the wrong outer routine
RT#130613 [LTA] [OPTIMIZER] "if" without "else" much slower than "if" with empty "else"
RT#130286 [OPTIMIZER] Type capture doesn't capture inside comma lists
RT#129912 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] Subset produces Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)
RT#129812 [JVM] [OPTIMIZER] [TESTCOMMITTED] `is rw` candidates get called even if a non-rw argument is passed
RT#129790 [OPTIMIZER] Giving a sub to a map fails
RT#128655 [OPTIMIZER] Mixup in candidates through optimizer
RT#127421 [OPTIMIZER] multi sub infix:<==> (Int $a, Str $b) { $a == $b } hangs in COMPILE time