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RT#132051 [BUG] [OO] Error when using a role parameter to parameterize another role.
RT#131947 [OO] Using a role parameter to constrain an uninitialized attribute, leaks a generic type object.
RT#130403 [BUG] [OO] cannot subclass Proxy
RT#129325 [BUG] [OO] handles runs after role stub required method checking
RT#129241 [OO] Odd corruption of attribute of type Grammar
RT#128211 [OO] multi BUILD defined in role gets messed up in sub-class
RT#127303 [OO] multi required by role doesn't work with .^mixin
RT#125891 [OO] When class D::E is defined before class D, having just one of them declared in 'my' scope apparently erases D::E
RT#125437 [OO] attributive parameters alter object during any bind, not just invoke
RT#124631 [OO] S03-binding/attributes.t line:44 reason: 'class attributes'
RT#117669 [OO] class inheritance "is ::('ClassName')" does not work
RT#115618 [OO] Methods added to Any don't propagate to derived classes
RT#114034 [OO] Declaring a class with the name of the first part of a multi-joined name makes the multi-joined name unavailable