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RT#132088 [NATIVECALL] [REGRESSION] code broken by latest build
RT#130187 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] [RFC] CArray cannot allocate contiguous memory
RT#129831 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] Cannot pass the role instance to the C-side function as an argument
RT#129820 [LTA] [NATIVECALL] callback returns useless error message
RT#129809 [NATIVECALL] [RFC] Types in NativeCall should have .ref method
RT#129798 [NATIVECALL] Initializing a CStruct attribute of a CStruct
RT#129785 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] Cannot assign ULLONG_MAX (i.e. 18446744073709551615) to the ulonglong variable.
RT#129784 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] Cannot assign the malloc allocated memory to the pointer in the argument.
RT#129240 [NATIVECALL] nativesizeof routine returns the different result from sizeof function in C when it takes a CArray object as an argument.
RT#128815 [NATIVECALL] make CPPStruct accept unmapped attributes.
RT#127460 [NATIVECALL] CUnion bug
RT#127237 [NATIVECALL] missing encoded trait for Str attributes (CStruct, NativeCall)
RT#127210 [NATIVECALL] uint behaves like signed int in CUnion
RT#127138 [NATIVECALL] not thread safe?
RT#127001 [NATIVECALL] [PRECOMP] CArray[CArray[int8]] fails type check
RT#125738 [NATIVECALL] CPointer instances created via a native function call that takes a callback argument and has its result assigned to a scalar variable don't have DESTROY called
RT#125517 [NATIVECALL] test failures on armv7l (e.g. Jolla phone)
RT#125348 [NATIVECALL] Binding to Xapian::WritableDatabase::new causes corrupted double-linked list
RT#125264 [NATIVECALL] Potential Label bug
RT#124649 [NATIVECALL] test:./S01-perl-5-integration/strings.t line:6 reason: NativeCall strings not yet Null safe
RT#122750 [LTA] [NATIVECALL] bug or error message not informative