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RT#132835 [LTA] "An operation first awaited" error needs to be clearer
RT#132711 [LTA] Stupidly using `is assoc` with unary prefix operator has an error message from the deep
RT#132710 [LTA] Warning message for duplicated tighter trait
RT#132335 [LTA] pure numeric values of address families are not useful enough ( IO::Socket::INET.new(:host<http://perl6.o>, :port(42)) )
RT#132290 [LTA] .gist of a Method does not always show its .name (.say for <a b c>.^methods)
RT#132241 [LTA] tr/// and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132240 [LTA] s/// and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132239 [LTA] q:to and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132237 [LTA] regexes and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132185 [LTA] file tests and Failure do not interact as expected
RT#132168 [LTA] Mention context when suspecting runaway quotes (say "foo'; my $x = 42;)
RT#132162 [LTA] error of trying to assign to read-only $/ should offer a solution
RT#132156 [LTA] Suggest polymod for bases > 36 (9123607.base(37))
RT#132146 [LTA] Consistency of `&` coercer
RT#132133 [LTA] Nameless @/% sigils with `is rw` don't get complained about
RT#132107 [LTA] Error talks about negative substrings when attempting to match `/)> ... <(/`
RT#132081 [LTA] Wrong exception type on bad attribute default values
RT#132040 [LTA] Pointless to P5-warn on % sigil interpolation which Perl5 does not do
RT#132015 [LTA] Backtraces for errors in EVAL print nonexistent paths (‘foo’.EVAL)
RT#131998 [LTA] Not really good error with wrong class creation by passing a pair to a named arg to new
RT#131945 [LTA] Differring behaviours when using an outer-scope-declared var before declaring it in current scope
RT#131922 [LTA] "Variadic" or "slurpy"?
RT#131884 [LTA] Could not fine Aoeu at line 1, but line 1 of what? (use Aoeu)
RT#131877 [LTA] better error message for exit("hello")
RT#131853 [LTA] Error when missing `~~` in where clause: This type (QAST::WVal) does not support positional operations
RT#131842 [LTA] Error says wanted number of arguments is 1; passed 1
RT#131754 [LTA] Error message when using a term bareword as if it were a subroutine
RT#131699 [LTA] Errors indexing past the end of a List
RT#131539 [LTA] $*PERL.compiler.version produces different versions on different OSes even if built from same commit
RT#131507 [LTA] “Weird node in analyze” when hyper calling an array of blocks ( @foo»() )
RT#131504 [LTA] .&foo form differs from foo($_) when routine throws control exceptions
RT#131413 [LTA] Errors in Int() coercer
RT#131382 [LTA] for, parens, and lack of whitespace (for(^700){say 2})
RT#131363 [LTA] Using dot instead of a semicolon as a statement end (say ‘hello’.)
RT#131360 [LTA] error message when forgetting the initial curly quote (say hello world’)
RT#131334 [LTA] “Too many symbols” is right but can be confusing (sub infix:<a b> { … })
RT#131333 [LTA] use of undeclared attributes gives not useful line number in error
RT#131302 [LTA] Seq:D ~~ Seq:D uses Any.ACCEPTS
RT#131200 [LTA] Error message after require Test qw(&ok);
RT#131119 [LTA] Run time “SORRY!” when working with junctions ( say +any(‘abc’, 42.5) )
RT#131099 [LTA] is assoc('list') gives "MVMArray: Can't pop from an empty array"
RT#130969 [LTA] more inconsistent coercions for Bool
RT#130965 [LTA] `but role { ... }` interacts strangely with outer lexicals, and doesn't warn about it
RT#130930 [LTA] Z and X think that a Slip represents multiple arguments
RT#130864 [LTA] Error mentions QAST::WVal when using `:(%a)` on a hash
RT#130862 [LTA] line number for `Too few possionals passed` error incorrectly points to last block in a HEREDOC
RT#130817 [BUG] [LTA] shaped array attribute cannot be initialized from previously defined attributes
RT#130797 [LTA] error message on punning role with stub methods
RT#130763 [BUG] [LTA] Weird error in anonymous class value in Hash
RT#130714 [LTA] Already has attribute error lacks location of the offending line
RT#130657 [LTA] Error when forgetting a colon on a colonpair in extended routine names
RT#130638 [LTA] X::Seq don't say which Seq the exception occurred on
RT#130599 [LTA] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] internal backtrace is spewed when trying to assign to a Blob type object (Blob[2] = 100)
RT#130511 [LTA] [REGRESSION] No such symbol '' ( &::(‘½’) )
RT#130502 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error message complains too much about Metamodel.nqp (Buf.new('0'))
RT#130434 [LTA] X::TypeCheck.gotn returns too short messages for displaying types in NativeCall
RT#130382 [LTA] Error for x:{}: Cannot find method 'has_compile_time_value'
RT#130331 [LTA] error message says that a block is missing when in fact a curly brace is not there ({)
RT#130251 [LTA] error message when a semicolon is missing before a while loop (my $x = 5 while True {})
RT#130228 [LTA] Better handling of unqualified indirect quoted private method calls
RT#130226 [LTA] Make --ll-exception output use OS-dependant path separators consistently
RT#130217 [LTA] No warning when using complex rules as a character class (/<+ident>/)
RT#130213 [LTA] but mixins don't complain about sink context
RT#130200 [LTA] Error when attempting to use a package that has one of core namespaces in its name
RT#130158 [LTA] Error with bad enums
RT#130131 [BUG] [LTA] sub MAIN cannot accept enum argument
RT#130092 [LTA] error message when misspelling “method” (meathod bar($test))
RT#130065 [LTA] Gut-referencing warning when composing stubbed role
RT#129843 [LTA] Indexing on a Str throws generic “out of range” message which is less than awesome (“hello”[2])
RT#129820 [LTA] [NATIVECALL] callback returns useless error message
RT#129359 [LTA] error when giving out-of-range offset to Buf.splice
RT#129143 [LTA] Missing commas in import tags silently ignored
RT#129089 [LTA] error for attempt to specify a "my" type at runtime doesn't say what went wrong
RT#128978 [LTA] Capture.perl doesn't show arg mutability
RT#128879 [LTA] “is default” trait is compile-time, but no warning is printed when I do stupid things (is default($x))
RT#128846 [LTA] with statement modifier doesn't return writable values
RT#128781 [LTA] error on accidental `use use Module::With::Colons`
RT#128714 [LTA] Error when calling .^DEFINITE instead of .DEFINITE
RT#128656 [LTA] unfinished postcircumfix inside quote causes awful side effects
RT#128603 [LTA] Error on typoed named args: :foo:<bar>
RT#128602 [LTA] Error on undetached range of non-Int
RT#128561 [LTA] [UNI] degenerates: warning on whitespace with diacritics could be better
RT#128461 [LTA] EXPORT sub errors do not show line number
RT#128402 [LTA] Only a line number is printed when assigning to immutable values (stuff; $x = 42; stuff)
RT#128278 [BUG] [LTA] [RFC] regex literals in signatures
RT#128262 [LTA] Error using Junction or `where` in --> (returns) part of signature
RT#128173 [LTA] Error: .polymod on Int with non-Int divisors
RT#128161 [LTA] Run time “SORRY!” when the range starts with whatever star (*...‘WAT’)
RT#128120 [LTA] error message when using triple colon in variable names (my $foo:::_)
RT#128003 [LTA] forgetting "token" next to a rule with a dot in it gives confusing error
RT#127950 [BUG] [LTA] error message on undeclared attribute
RT#127867 [LTA] behavior when passing garbage with -M command line option (perl6 -M $'\0')
RT#127857 [LTA] error message when using commas in c-style “loop” (loop (my $x = 0, $x < 10, $x++) {})
RT#127856 [LTA] error message when declaring variables without a space between “my” and parens (my($test);)
RT#127842 [LTA] Smileys on return still results in non-smiley types in error message
RT#127832 [LTA] Parameterizing a role via a variable results in an LTA error
RT#127767 [LTA] error about unknown named parameters: should say what they were passed to
RT#127484 [LTA] error message: "P6M Merging GLOBAL symbols failed: duplicate definition of symbol"
RT#127345 [LTA] Backtrace should point at the faulty line and not the statement line
RT#127282 [LTA] backtraces could print all the arguments to all the routines
RT#127280 [LTA] error message when using restricted args in list generator (2, 3, sub ($x where * > 5) {…} … 42)
RT#127267 [LTA] Missing comma in parens leads to cryptic compiler error
RT#127253 [LTA] error message on deep recursions
RT#127242 [LTA] No space between a class trait and {
RT#127225 [LTA] error message from typed enum declaration
RT#127209 [LTA] error message on constraint violation
RT#127205 [LTA] Incorrectly places '{' in signature incorrectly reports block gobbling
RT#127137 [LTA] Error: Signature-less Methods
RT#127117 [LTA] Error: methods declared outside of class {...}
RT#127015 [LTA] Date type carries stowaway data
RT#127004 [LTA] DateTime.new(Str) limited year range
RT#126941 [LTA] very long right shift gratuitously fails
RT#126757 [LTA] error message talks about ~ but there is no ~ in my code (33..126 .pick.chr)
RT#126669 [LHF] [LTA] error with "need 6"/"use 6" (no "v")
RT#126630 [LTA] error message with nested SORRY: BEGIN { &?ROUTINE.name }
RT#126449 [LTA] error message: cannot put a constraint, expecting constraint
RT#126375 [LTA] [NYI] error message leaks internal stuff: [SR-]
RT#126341 [LTA] STable conflict with .^add_method
RT#126234 [LTA] error message with junctions in type constraints
RT#126227 [LTA] [NYI] Slurpy scalar parameters
RT#126202 [LTA] results for trailing declarative docs
RT#126200 [LTA] error message with misspelled labels
RT#126163 [LTA] silence of IterationEnd failures
RT#126135 [LTA] [MOLD] definedness constraint ignored on native type
RT#126126 [LTA] [MOLD] definedness constraints ignored where not supported
RT#126117 [BUG] [LTA] Misleading error message when using a definite constant as type constraint
RT#126112 [LTA] instantiated Numeric hangs on numeric ops
RT#126088 [LTA] "Do not know how to load code from <foo>" due to wrong capitalization of <Foo>
RT#125997 [LTA] error message when no parametric role candidate found
RT#125976 [LTA] error message when using special colon method call form
RT#125821 [LTA] error message when doing .rotate(Inf)
RT#125716 [LTA] error on typo
RT#125684 [LTA] error message when using invalid characters in number literals (say 0b000l01)
RT#125674 [LTA] [TESTCOMMITTED] error message prints wrong eject position (if True if { };)
RT#125641 [LTA] [TESTNEEDED] error messages when right bracket is missing: (), [], "" and so on
RT#125638 [BUG] [LTA] error message on illegally post-declared label in Rakudo
RT#125597 [LTA] error message when "while" or "until" have no condition
RT#125590 [LTA] error message when you try to modify an ro parameter
RT#125531 [LTA] error message when $/ is readonly
RT#125523 [LTA] Remove `P6opauqe` from unboxing errors
RT#125477 [LHF] [LTA] small issue with trace in given/when default block
RT#125333 [LTA] warning "Redeclaration of symbol" (no line number of the first declaration)
RT#125116 [BUG] [LHF] [LTA] More helpful sorry message for bitwise operators
RT#124328 [LTA] supersede with built-in classes gives errors, LTA syntax errors
RT#124161 [LTA] [NYI] failure to bind to pointy block param
RT#124141 [LTA] Error message could be more clear
RT#123919 [BUG] [LTA] [NYI] Error message about impossible call occurs at runtime when it could occur at compile time, because there's a non-constant argument in Rakudo
RT#123709 [BUG] [LTA] error message (for what maybe shouldn't be an error at all) when prefixing a sub name with '&' in Rakudo
RT#122750 [LTA] [NATIVECALL] bug or error message not informative
RT#121807 [LTA] is default(…) does not explain that the value should be known at compile time
RT#118865 [LTA] Parameter '' requires an instance, LTA error
RT#114614 [LTA] Error message for Buf and eq or ~ operator: Cannot use a Buf as a string, but you called the Str method on it
RT#114370 [LTA] error message when declaring an enum of a type variable
RT#109300 [BUG] [LTA] error message when declaring several variables without parentheses in Rakudo
RT#78752 [BUG] [LTA] error message when declaring two-colon-sigil variable ::Foo in Rakudo
RT#77170 [LTA] 'maximum recursion depth exceeded' comes with complete stack trace
RT#75592 [LTA] Long running unclosed quotes trigger unhelpful message
RT#75586 [LTA] [REGEX] no protection against potentially infinite quantification on zero-width assertion