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RT#132694 [JVM] Coercion type Str(Any) returned from .keyof is not the same object as Str(Any)
RT#132104 [JVM] EvalServer leaks threads and memory when using Proc::Async
RT#132102 [JVM] ‘make test’ fails a lot of nativecall tests
RT#132101 [JVM] ‘make test’ does not work before ‘make install’
RT#131393 [JVM] When reading from stdin, eof is not respected
RT#130840 [IO] [JVM] IO::Handle.readchars incorrectly assumes all chars are 2 bytes long
RT#130775 [JVM] Problems with 'with' and attached block
RT#130387 [BUG] [JVM] [STAR] rakudo star 2016-11 with jvm fails in debian 8 with java 64bit
RT#130043 [JVM] Travis Fails with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
RT#129812 [JVM] [OPTIMIZER] [TESTCOMMITTED] `is rw` candidates get called even if a non-rw argument is passed
RT#128041 [JVM] Failing tests for equivalence of Buf objects
RT#127948 [JVM] Hangs in spectests with test that uses a Buf when working with IO::Socket::Async
RT#126702 [JVM] failing test in S06-multi/subsignature.t: wrong multi candidate called when slurpy and named are passed
RT#126528 [JVM] Can't call HYPER, no signatures match
RT#126526 [JVM] expected that native ints can't hold bigints
RT#126519 [JVM] shouldn't be able to set defaults on native ints
RT#125212 [JVM] Unable to call Linenoise::linenoiseSetCompletionCallback
RT#125211 [JVM] Error "Function X::Panda needs parens to avoid gobbling block" when running panda
RT#125077 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-filehandles/io.t line:272 reason: 'will fail due to above failures'
RT#124920 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/errors.t line:64 reason: unival NYI
RT#124886 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-script.t line:18 reason: 'Unicode properties with arguments'
RT#124884 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:416 reason: 'isCommon NYI'
RT#124883 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:402 reason: 'isUnassigned NYI'
RT#124879 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:379 reason: 'isAny NYI'
RT#124874 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:67 reason: isGraphemeLink
RT#124860 [JVM] [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-general.t line:163 reason: No 'Lr' property defined
RT#124838 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S29-conversions/ord_and_chr.t line:168 reason: 'high character name lookup'
RT#124828 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S17-supply/watch_path.t line:16 reason: file system events NYI?
RT#124692 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-str/substr.t line:43 reason: 'java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException'
RT#124686 [JVM] cp1252 code folds when it shouldn't
RT#124628 [JVM] doesn't know about signals
RT#124500 [JVM] [NYI] [UNI] NFC/NFG
RT#124279 [BUG] [JVM] org.perl6.nqp.runtime.UnwindException
RT#123969 [JVM] NullPointerException for same CStruct in CStruct
RT#123426 [BUG] [JVM] [MOLD] some tests in S12-meta/primitives.t fail
RT#122425 [JVM] "is cached" isn't.
RT#121647 [JVM] let-localized variable doesn't restore value when block exited by exception
RT#121145 [JVM] [MOLD] [TESTCOMMITTED] Something wrong with LEAVE phaser in while loop
RT#120879 [JVM] Issue with Java Interface Types on Rakudo
RT#120379 [JVM] [TESTNEEDED] java.lang.NullPointerException from incomplete regex on the REPL
RT#115270 [BUG] [JVM] junctions reporting true & false, not collapsing
RT#111866 [BUG] [JVM] 'undo' won't fire unless the block is a 'try' block in Rakudo