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RT#132441 [IO] [SEVERE] [WINDOWS] IO::Handle.read-internal cannot handle fancy Unicode chars on TTY handles
RT#132043 [IO] When IO::Notification is watching a file, the `path` attribute doubles the filename
RT#131379 [IO] read from file containing 1-char of malformed UTF returns empty string
RT#131178 [IO] mkdir '/' fails on OSX but succeeds on Linux
RT#131158 [IO] Inconsistent lock/unlock behaviour on Windows/Linux
RT#131026 [IO] Failing to read from IO::Pipe fast enough, apparently loses data
RT#130840 [IO] [JVM] IO::Handle.readchars incorrectly assumes all chars are 2 bytes long
RT#129941 [BUG] [IO] [PERF] Perl 6 text file line read is much slower than Perl 5
RT#129197 [BUG] [IO] "Invalid free()" when passing the output of one Proc to the input of another
RT#129150 [IO] [RFC] IO::Notification needs .stat and separate notification for removal
RT#128047 [IO] Rakudo may crash if you use get() when -n is used (perl6 -ne 'say get' <<< 'hello')
RT#127772 [IO] mkdir($file) succeeds if $file exists and is a regular file
RT#126998 [IO] Use of Proc with IO::Pipe is counter-intuitive
RT#125463 [IO] unlink does not signal failures / [JVM] .IO.unlink succeeds in unlinking empty directories
RT#124784 [IO] S32-io/dir.t line:13 reason: 'directories are not marked with trailing / yet'
RT#123282 [IO] IO::Socket::INET fails to connect if a resource is available over IPv6 and the client is misconfigured to use IPv6