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RT#131871 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Regex code block closing over lexical variable, is not threadsafe
RT#131870 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Capture lookup inside regex is not threadsafe
RT#130796 [CONC] Data races somewhere in SEQUENCE and/or continuation resuming code
RT#130690 [BUG] [CONC] attribute from one role used in another via private method gone missing
RT#130494 [BUG] [CONC] [PERF] Using Proc::Async with tap leads to memory leak
RT#130370 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] Tapping on a very active .out of Proc::Async wrecks the work queue
RT#130342 [CONC] supply tap: No such method 'phasers' for invocant of type 'Code'
RT#130042 [CONC] t/04-nativecall/20-concurrent.t flops
RT#129787 [CONC] [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] die/CATCH inside a start-block with a channel heisenbugs
RT#129263 [CONC] Outer dynamic variable not found in nested `start` block
RT#128896 [CONC] Punning a role in a different thread a bit fragile
RT#128878 [CONC] Supply.interval is drifting
RT#128718 [CONC] Strange error when attempting to redo a supply block
RT#127987 [CONC] Block.assuming method apparently not reentrant
RT#127974 [CONC] [TESTNEEDED] sprintf() not threadsafe/reentrant if the format tokens use explicit indices
RT#127659 [CONC] Possible race in Supply simple operations when closing Tap
RT#127208 [CONC] [SEGV] [TESTCOMMITTED] Non-deterministic segfaults in parallel code
RT#126787 [CONC] Promises that are not awaited or .then'd will swallow exceptions.
RT#126425 [CONC] Proc::Async methods can have unpredictable and nondeterministic order
RT#126277 [CONC] IO::Socket::Async + `run` exits unexpectedly on [OSX]
RT#126169 [CONC] t/spec/S17-supply/watch-path.t fails occasionally under high load.
RT#125978 [BUG] [CONC] [SEGV] (and other crashes) when using .hyper
RT#125656 [CONC] Creating too many Proc::Async objects fills the file descriptor table, which causes libuv to abort()
RT#125655 [CONC] Garbage collected running Proc::Async objects don't seem to clean up their handles, causing libuv to abort()
RT#125654 [CONC] Killing a Proc::Async doesn't seem to clean up its file descriptors, causing an abort() from libuv
RT#125516 [CONC] "Use of Nil in numeric context" warning seen with Proc::Async exitcode on [OSX] only
RT#125048 [CONC] [FLAP] :./S17-procasync/print.t line:50 reason: Flapping tests
RT#125047 [CONC] S17-procasync/basic.t line:80 reason: 'returns Nil (flapping tests)'
RT#124827 [CONC] S17-supply/delayed.t line:27 reason: doesn't work or can't test
RT#124826 [CONC] S17-supply/delayed.t line:14 reason: doesn't work or can't test
RT#124823 [CONC] S17-supply/rotor.t line:10 reason: 'only deprecated so far'
RT#124822 [CONC] S17-supply/stable.t line:14 reason: doesn't work or can't test
RT#124774 [CONC] S17-scheduler/basic.t line:16 reason: waiting for new '.loads' semantics
RT#124074 [CONC] Closing a Channel on which a worker is receiving may or may not trigger a X::Channel::ReceiveOnDone exception
RT#123667 [CONC] Attempt to parallelize existing program leads to type check failure, with find_method_fallback in the backtrace
RT#123461 [CONC] Channel.send prone to race conditions