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RT#132785 [BUILD] MoarVM build fail on termux/Android 6.0.1
RT#132784 [BUILD] make install fail on termux/Android 6.0.1
RT#127374 [BUILD] git-protocol not passed to MoarVM/dynasm.git
RT#127308 [BUILD] Configure.pl with moar fails to find C compiler on older Darwin
RT#127040 [BUILD] [STAR] Installation of rakudo-2015.12 fails
RT#126894 [BUILD] Cannot create Debian package with current rakudo-star build system
RT#122752 [BUILD] [STAR] Allow different INSTALLLOCATION for Rakudo Star MSI package
RT#122734 [BUILD] Can't force a rebuild of nqp or vm's from rakudo's configure.
RT#122649 [BUILD] Unneeded rebuilds on rakudo-moar
RT#121473 [BUILD] [TODO] Have make refuse to build against too-old NQP and Moar in Rakudo
RT#117151 [BUILD] no prove, module installation blows up if tests fail
RT#112262 [BUILD] dylib statically linked to absolute path
RT#76930 [BUILD] [STAR] space in prefix path