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RT#132525 [BUG] [PRECOMP] [REGRESSION] type constraints to Array[Pair] don't work when precompiled
RT#132377 [BUG] [POD] tables inside =begin/=end comment pairs cause exception
RT#132269 [BUG] [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] JIT removing loop construct and confusing last()
RT#132222 [BUG] 'HAS' Embedded C-Structs not working as documented
RT#132149 [BUG] Some Method objects use wrong .gist method
RT#132110 [BUG] cannot include a module directory if some subdirectory cannot be opened
RT#132086 [BUG] will leave {} variable trait does not compile inside modules
RT#132053 [BUG] Autovivification on element with [] or {} as default causes "secret" keys
RT#132052 [BUG] Routine parameter constrained with a native type, doesn't realize when it gets boxed
RT#132051 [BUG] [OO] Error when using a role parameter to parameterize another role.
RT#132050 [BUG] Strange behavior with FIRST + while block + required parameter
RT#132033 [BUG] Set.WHICH clashes due to hashing
RT#132032 [BUG] List.new loses Nil
RT#132025 [BUG] do statement is not fully considered to be a loop
RT#131981 [BUG] Multi-dim array subscript incorrectly returns a List when the indices are not of type Int
RT#131974 [BUG] Paramaterizing a role with a signature fails very strangely
RT#131972 [BUG] misleading grammar error output when referring to a missing rule with a similarly named sub-rule
RT#131927 [BUG] heredoc body contains a tab that gets incorrectly converted to spaces
RT#131925 [BUG] [REGEX] Smartmatch against `m//` operator mishandles junctions
RT#131911 [BUG] non-Perl 6 scripts in the module bin directory do not install in a runnable form
RT#131900 [BUG] [REPL] REPL loses custom operators
RT#131841 [BUG] In a 'unit module', a 'die' along any CATCH block causes a compiler error
RT#131838 [BUG] Error references $^foo variable instead of $:foo actually used
RT#131785 [BUG] - runtime looping.
RT#131758 [BUG] [REGRESSION] 'Unhandled exception: const_n32 NYI at SeekFromEnd:9154'
RT#131742 [BUG] - Redefining operator '>'.
RT#131739 [BUG] - Writing an infix operator '>'.
RT#131710 [BUG] andthen=, notandthen=, and orelse= thunk incorrectly and don't alias $_
RT#131707 [BUG] Private Methods/Attributes in roles do not work as expected
RT#131686 [BUG] `[X] @list-of-lists` misbehaves with list of one list
RT#131639 [BUG] Junction:D.iterator returns an iterator that .pulls-one a Mu type object
RT#131610 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull) when doing coercitive type constraint with subset
RT#131608 [BUG] Apparent improper handling of SIGPIPE
RT#131574 [BUG] Incorrect circularity detection with infix:<+>
RT#131552 [BUG] «||=« leads to Non ast passed to WANTED: NQPMu␤Non ast passed to WANTED: NQPMu␤Weird node in analyze
RT#131542 [BUG] `state` variables unset if multi candidate uses named params
RT#131530 [BUG] Perl6 REPL forgets the definition of infix sub
RT#131517 [BUG] Perl5-ism regex range detector hides a more useful error
RT#131508 [BUG] `state` with `% is Sethash` ends up with a type object on second entry to block
RT#131501 [BUG] meta-forms of andthen, notandthen, and orelse leak thunks when Slips given as args
RT#131500 [BUG] Loose ops in argument list cause parse failures in some cases
RT#131381 [BUG] function prototypes using array of subset type give type error
RT#131375 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] error initializing large array on Windows (64-bit)
RT#131372 [BUG] infix eqv may hang when comparing equivalent recursive arrays
RT#131366 [BUG] Mixining in Blob role gives "P6opaque: missing attribute protocol in compose"
RT#131343 [BUG] Constraining an attribute to a defined version of a type passed to a parameterized role fails.
RT#131332 [BUG] Hyper method call on typed Array returns "impossible" result
RT#131311 [BUG] Embedded CStruct/CUnions incorrectly considered undefined when defined, but 0
RT#131280 [BUG] Nested slices do not work when adverbs are present
RT#131262 [BUG] LTA error message for .^add_method redefinition
RT#131237 [BUG] FreeBSD 11, rakudo r5e74017d: fails test 11 in t/04-nativecall/02-simple-args.t
RT#131152 [BUG] (FIRST/LAST Phasers doesn't work in loop/while structures)
RT#131134 [BUG] Native array[int] accepts junction with negative index
RT#131122 [BUG] unsigned native ints not applied in class attributes
RT#131120 [BUG] Junctions don't autothread some methods correctly
RT#131071 [BUG] unpacking a slurpy in `my` creates `Mu`s despite working when used in a routine's sig
RT#131048 [BUG] [STAR] Cursor behavior with Unicode in command line interactive input
RT#131043 [BUG] Binding to `state` variable silently fails
RT#131014 [BUG] multi dispatch error on signature with coerce and smiley
RT#130975 [BUG] SetHash.perl.EVAL confused by Pair
RT#130974 [BUG] Set.perl.EVAL confused by Pair
RT#130973 [BUG] List.Set loses List elements
RT#130970 [BUG] Set.new confused by Nil
RT#130968 [BUG] Range.new confused by Nil
RT#130967 [BUG] Junction.perl confused by iterable element
RT#130963 [BUG] Array.perl loses `is default`
RT#130962 [BUG] List.Array loses Nil
RT#130959 [BUG] Str ~~ Range(with Str end points) gives wrong results
RT#130956 [BUG] `xx` with large Int repeat count gives bogus results
RT#130947 [BUG] Multi-dimensional Hash subscripts return a List even when indexing a single element
RT#130912 [BUG] [UNI] Str.perl/repl fail on outside-Unicode codepoints
RT#130898 [BUG] IO::Spec confused by diacritics
RT#130887 [BUG] .perl omits backtrace of exception
RT#130877 [BUG] called-without-args error refers to non-existent method
RT#130875 [BUG] clashing Nil type constraints incorrectly described
RT#130867 [BUG] `only` methods are used where `multies` should be, preventing dispatch to Mu.* candidates
RT#130817 [BUG] [LTA] shaped array attribute cannot be initialized from previously defined attributes
RT#130763 [BUG] [LTA] Weird error in anonymous class value in Hash
RT#130761 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] [TESTCOMMITTED] An if-block confuses &?ROUTINE to point at the wrong outer routine
RT#130723 [BUG] .pick on large ranges gives unexpected results on Windows only
RT#130690 [BUG] [CONC] attribute from one role used in another via private method gone missing
RT#130645 [BUG] Entering an infinite hot loop during pre-compilation + RAKUDO_MODULE_DEBUG=1
RT#130612 [BUG] [REGEX] LTM favors some character class atoms over others, instead of using text order as a tie breaker
RT#130588 [BUG] Feed operators final sub / routine parens
RT#130553 [BUG] segfault on a use that exports a operator
RT#130540 [BUG] || && and or cannot be "overloaded"
RT#130527 [BUG] Override of internal character class in grammar won't combine with other character classes
RT#130507 [BUG] "once" block doesn't run if it isn't reached the first time the parent block runs
RT#130494 [BUG] [CONC] [PERF] Using Proc::Async with tap leads to memory leak
RT#130462 [BUG] Unknown QAST node type NQPMu error when using `is tighter`
RT#130439 [BUG] [REGRESSION] splice no longer attempts to numify things (@a.splice: ^3)
RT#130424 [BUG] repeated part in full class name causes role to be undeclared in compilation
RT#130414 [BUG] associativity not right for ⁿ unicode superscript exponents
RT#130405 [BUG] Sometimes .does doesn't
RT#130403 [BUG] [OO] cannot subclass Proxy
RT#130389 [BUG] constant with BEGIN block triggers QAST::Block with cuid 4 has not appeared
RT#130387 [BUG] [JVM] [STAR] rakudo star 2016-11 with jvm fails in debian 8 with java 64bit
RT#130383 [BUG] perl6 -n does not set $_ when it's interpolated via a block
RT#130379 [BUG] [SEGV] SegFault on Test::Fuzz
RT#130377 [BUG] write on closed socket not failing as it should
RT#130364 [BUG] Cannot use type parameter to constrain return value
RT#130267 [BUG] NativeCall: CArray[uint8] may contain negative numbers
RT#130257 [BUG] state variable not initialized in some multi subs
RT#130246 [BUG] Attribute type validation with slipped constructor
RT#130205 [BUG] Weird parsing of q:w with matching delimiters when same delimiters appear inside
RT#130192 [BUG] [REPL] [WINDOWS] Hang using `get` or `prompt` in REPL
RT#130187 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] [RFC] CArray cannot allocate contiguous memory
RT#130155 [BUG] Rat operations give bogus underflow
RT#130154 [BUG] Int/Int gives bogus underflow
RT#130153 [9999] [BUG] Int**Int yields bogus overflow
RT#130151 [BUG] type smileys don't work on ::?CLASS
RT#130139 [BUG] Rakudo should be installable site-wide as root.
RT#130131 [BUG] [LTA] sub MAIN cannot accept enum argument
RT#130123 [BUG] Instant.from-posix is too eager with adding extra 10 seconds for TAI - UTC difference
RT#130083 [BUG] a grammar doesn't match when using perl6-debug-m and does when using perl6-m
RT#130069 [BUG] Unknown QAST error when creating List of Pairs
RT#130024 [BUG] [NYI] not possible to set the is default trait on shaped arrays
RT#129946 [BUG] [SEGV] Segfault in GC
RT#129941 [BUG] [IO] [PERF] Perl 6 text file line read is much slower than Perl 5
RT#129919 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] asinh does not comply with IEEE
RT#129889 [BUG] Constraint type check failed for Array parameter
RT#129874 [BUG] Nil return type constraint interferes with block interpolation in strings
RT#129860 [BUG] t/04-nativecall/08-callbacks.t generates invalid reads under valgrind
RT#129844 [BUG] literals and boxed types do not get unboxed for native types in multies
RT#129832 [BUG] t/spec/S17-supply/start.t can cause invalid reads from unsynchronized --full-cleanup instance teardown
RT#129831 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] Cannot pass the role instance to the C-side function as an argument
RT#129811 [BUG] Implicit return of Failure Broken in routines with native return type constraints
RT#129785 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] Cannot assign ULLONG_MAX (i.e. 18446744073709551615) to the ulonglong variable.
RT#129784 [BUG] [NATIVECALL] Cannot assign the malloc allocated memory to the pointer in the argument.
RT#129768 [BUG] Wrong error message when (disallowed) positional slurpy with a default is preceded by named in Rakudo
RT#129346 [BUG] Whatever being called on where-blocked subroutine cannot handle the sigilless values correctly
RT#129344 [BUG] "my" variable in a recursive subroutine leaks to callers scope
RT#129325 [BUG] [OO] handles runs after role stub required method checking
RT#129307 [BUG] $/.perl doesn't round-trip when captures are present
RT#129278 [BUG] Can't assign to `int` private attribute using signature
RT#129262 [BUG] Endless recursion in --target=parse for subs with more than 1 parameter
RT#129248 [@LARRY] [BUG] Str.rindex returns error messages with missing or incorrect information
RT#129245 [BUG] *$foo accepted in signatures
RT#129220 [BUG] .list,.List, (Real,) inconsistencies
RT#129197 [BUG] [IO] "Invalid free()" when passing the output of one Proc to the input of another
RT#129195 [BUG] Pointy while loop fails to pass arguments to block when lazy
RT#129100 [BUG] method rand (Range) fails to check type of $!max
RT#129096 [BUG] sub wrapped with mod_trait:<is> when exported yield cryptic error message, works fine in same unit
RT#129019 [BUG] Range.WHICH fails on many kinds of endpoints
RT#129018 [BUG] Range.perl doesn't round-trip Range endpoints
RT#129017 [BUG] Range.perl doesn't round-trip Junction endpoints
RT#129015 [BUG] Set.perl doesn't round-trip iterables
RT#129014 [BUG] Range.new confused by type objects
RT#129013 [BUG] Range.perl and Pair.perl precedence disagreement
RT#129007 [BUG] Baggy.perl confused by type objects
RT#129006 [BUG] typed Array .perl doesn't round-trip some iterable elements
RT#129005 [BUG] :D constraint doesn't work when named
RT#128976 [BUG] Capture.perl mishandles Pairs as positional args
RT#128965 [@LARRY] [BUG] Pair.WHICH mishandles Scalar key
RT#128955 [BUG] Pair.freeze breaks Set behaviour
RT#128949 [BUG] bad \ quoting in operator names in error message
RT#128948 [BUG] Pair.WHICH distinguishes pairs with same container value
RT#128943 [BUG] Set.WHICH confused by spaces
RT#128934 [BUG] .WHICH doesn't distinguish between instances of identically-named classes
RT#128931 [BUG] .WHICH doesn't distinguish identically-named classes
RT#128928 [BUG] Regex returned by method has duff .perl
RT#128927 [BUG] coercions don't ensure result type
RT#128915 [BUG] multi-dim Hash turnes items into List
RT#128906 [BUG] Supply .throttle hangs/wrong results
RT#128905 [BUG] Some core Routines do not do Callable role
RT#128904 [BUG] [NYI] - Comparing Shaped Arrays
RT#128903 [BUG] SetHash::push not implemented
RT#128891 [BUG] .^compose in mainline in precompiled modules causes STable conflict
RT#128866 [BUG] Array[Int] ~~ Array[Numeric] is false
RT#128844 [BUG] faulty error message for calling unknown methods on Scalar
RT#128842 [BUG] := inconsistent semantics
RT#128839 [BUG] [SEGV] perl6 segfault
RT#128832 [BUG] [REGEX] Regex subrule problem <print> related
RT#128828 [BUG] Num.FatRat coercion is inexact
RT#128818 [BUG] sprintf %f bogus rounding
RT#128805 [BUG] Proc.exitcode is zero for processes killed by signals
RT#128761 [BUG] Misparsing of postcircumfix operator (or LTA error message)
RT#128760 [BUG] [PERF] Adding postcircumfix operators makes compilation unacceptably slow
RT#128751 [BUG] rakudo for loop on texas bag operator spawns background IO
RT#128742 [BUG] type capture forces order of positional arguments
RT#128726 [BUG] Arrays and hashes don't parameterize inside role methods
RT#128684 [BUG] [SECURITY] .EVAL as a method call bypasses the MONKEY-SEE-NO-EVAL pragma
RT#128661 [BUG] Inconsistent behavior of state variables across backends
RT#128657 [BUG] multi from parent which does same role doesn't work
RT#128636 [BUG] [PRECOMP] is cached in a precompiled module results in error
RT#128632 [BUG] [REPL] [WINDOWS] get freezes terminal on x64 Windows implementation
RT#128584 [BUG] [MATH] LTA and wrong results when using rational exponents
RT#128546 [BUG] [UNI] Version comparison confused by digit with diacritics
RT#128544 [BUG] temp with %hash<key> or @array[$i] produces unwanted artefacts
RT#128513 [BUG] utf8-c8 confuses Str.perl
RT#128506 [BUG] File's ctime differ in perl5 and perl6
RT#128483 [BUG] [PRECOMP] Issues with CALLER invocations in a precompiled module with subs exported by a zef/panda installed module
RT#128476 [BUG] [SEGV] .wrap causes segfault when wrapping core sub and using that sub in a module that uses the module that wraps
RT#128453 [BUG] t\spec\S10-packages\precompilation.rakudo.moar fails on Windows
RT#128428 [BUG] Behaviour of div / mod on Non-Ints
RT#128419 [BUG] throws-like uses :context CALLER:: that will break soon
RT#128416 [BUG] Failure to create a ComplexStr allomorph for 1+i
RT#128409 [BUG] returning Scalar actually returns content
RT#128407 [BUG] Scalar:D variable botches type check
RT#128406 [BUG] Scalar.perl produces confused results
RT#128398 [BUG] LAST does not work with -n in Rakudo
RT#128391 [BUG] Parameter deparses bogusly
RT#128326 [BUG] Parsing of nested typenames fails
RT#128324 [BUG] Read-only `$obj.attr` accessor can be assigned to if the attribute `$.attr` contains an Array or Hash
RT#128287 [BUG] Type check `Array[Foo]` in module gets confused if `Array[Foo]` was already referenced in another precompiled module.
RT#128278 [BUG] [LTA] [RFC] regex literals in signatures
RT#128277 [BUG] Definitely typed variables have wrong default
RT#128210 [BUG] Can't adverb approximately-equals operator in Rakudo
RT#128154 [BUG] Cannot use qqx in rakudo star on windows7
RT#128124 [BUG] Accessor `$.x` for rw attribute returns immutable value instead of Scalar, if it contains an Array or Hash
RT#128101 [BUG] %?RESOURCES is evaluated as Nil when running "perl6 --doc" command
RT#128062 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] (MoarVM) chdir does not respect group reading privilege
RT#128042 [BUG] multi infix fails to respect precedence trait when exported
RT#128010 [BUG] reference to outside function prevents role instantiation
RT#127973 [BUG] native strings not allowed to be as big as regular strings
RT#127950 [BUG] [LTA] error message on undeclared attribute
RT#127945 [BUG] Mu methods cannot be used as grammar tokens due to default Actions class
RT#127901 [BUG] "Cannot invoke object with invocation handler in this context" in CALL-ME on multi
RT#127889 [BUG] rakudo build failure for ppc64 archi
RT#127881 [BUG] [PERF] slow array slicing
RT#127864 [BUG] Strange MAIN positional string interpolations
RT#127860 [BUG] [PRECOMP] Wrapped method fails when precompiled
RT#127840 [BUG] Overly eager check for type-ness of a method call with
RT#127839 [BUG] Putting 'use lib' after 'use DBIish' causes lookup of the symbol DBError to fail in Rakudo
RT#127789 [BUG] SumeEnum.enums.invert produces a hash where the values are string names, not enum values in Rakudo
RT#127769 [BUG] Linking error during build on amd64
RT#127730 [BUG] SEGV with "output" CArray[Cstruct] in NativeCall
RT#127711 [BUG] Presence of inner CATCH block prevents resumption from outer CATCH block
RT#127653 [BUG] Could not find symbol '&EXPORT'
RT#127569 [BUG] lexical packages leak into SETTING::
RT#127566 [BUG] run hangs on slurp-rest with :out and :err if command runs background process
RT#127544 [BUG] self referential variable declaration not picked up
RT#127536 [BUG] UNIT:: dies horribly if used at compile time
RT#127483 [BUG] use lib 'lib' and perl6 -Ilib behave differently
RT#127443 [BUG] Binding / bound variables don't honor binder variable's type constraint
RT#127423 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] EOF check in MoarVM breaks process substitution and opening of devices
RT#127422 [BUG] Behavior of state vars in variations of `do while` inconsistent
RT#127409 [BUG] Inconsistencies and Bugs in Native Types Behaviours
RT#127401 [BUG] Set|Bag|MixHash can be recursive, so need perlseen/gistseen covering
RT#127292 [BUG] cannot bind private hash attribute with key type constraint
RT#127264 [BUG] Inconsistent file information
RT#127254 [BUG] Recursive binding `my $x := (my $y := $x)` binds variable to VMNull
RT#127235 [BUG] Built-ins `all, any, one, none` clobber user-defined zero-arg functions with same name
RT#127214 [BUG] Not getting the nice "Illegally post-declared type" error for types with :: in them in Rakudo
RT#127206 [BUG] Missing warning: assignment from constant RHS in conditional.
RT#127203 [BUG] &?ROUTINE cannot be used in subroutine's signature
RT#127200 [BUG] Incorrect File Creation/Stat Tests on Windows with files with invalid characters
RT#127173 [BUG] Cannot build on Alpine Linux
RT#127163 [BUG] Failure of operators after parenthesis-less sub calls
RT#127145 [BUG] explicitly-manage is doing something un thread-safe apparently
RT#127142 [BUG] Constraint Checked On Missing Named Parameters
RT#127121 [BUG] flat can't flatten arrays, but can flatten lists
RT#127098 [BUG] Unhandled exception in code scheduled on thread 4
RT#127088 [BUG] GTK::Simple with Supply
RT#127049 [BUG] expected Array[Str] but got Array[Str].new("<a>") (2015.12 Regression from 2015.11)
RT#127046 [BUG] Tests fail when contained in one file, pass when separated (2015.12 Regression from 2015.11)
RT#127035 [BUG] reduction operators fail to chain
RT#127032 [BUG] Install scripts don't respect DESTDIR
RT#127030 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] await start { qx/../ } doesn't wait
RT#127017 [BUG] Int.fmt fails for some non-standard Int values
RT#127014 [BUG] inconsistent whether type constraint violation is compile error
RT#127008 [BUG] Date.new accepts bogus string input
RT#127006 [BUG] bad DateTime.Str output for non-minute timezones
RT#127005 [BUG] DateTime.Str bad second rounding
RT#126993 [BUG] Test failure in t/spec/S19-command-line/dash-e.t
RT#126974 [BUG] Weird interaction between constants, Xops and pre-comp.
RT#126971 [BUG] Rematching in a code assertion inside a regex doesn't recognize Match variable shorthands
RT#126968 [BUG] wrong output for 1000.fmt("%e") and 1_000_000.fmt("%e")
RT#126961 [BUG] Self-Referential Junctions Need .gistseen
RT#126955 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] more .perl string quoting problems
RT#126945 [BUG] outer frame does not match expected static frame
RT#126943 [BUG] errors for large left shifts
RT#126940 [BUG] errors for very large right shifts
RT#126909 [BUG] no-args function call broken for some names
RT#126906 [BUG] defined value as type constraint has inconsistent behaviour
RT#126905 [BUG] deparsing is surprised by slip interpolation
RT#126903 [BUG] slip()'s flavour of slurpiness
RT#126902 [BUG] some singleton Slips deparse incorrectly
RT#126901 [BUG] native value type checks give bad results
RT#126900 [BUG] assignment to native-typed variable fails in repl
RT#126895 [BUG] Subset-type constraint incorrectly throws when optional parameter wasn't passed
RT#126891 [BUG] module objects badly behaved for type checks
RT#126889 [BUG] $init-time-num breaks introspection
RT#126880 [BUG] no precompilation with compile time warning dies painfully
RT#126857 [BUG] Bogus array subsignature in declaration `my ([$a]);` binds variable to VMNull
RT#126855 [BUG] .WHAT does not allow spaces around the dot (42 . WHAT)
RT#126836 [BUG] space in sub:name () {} needed if colon in name and has sig
RT#126826 [BUG] Numeric precision not arbitrary
RT#126806 [BUG] CompUnit::Repository::Installation.files appears to be broken
RT#126804 [BUG] use of module that defines traits within class scope hides locally defined traits
RT#126786 [BUG] install-core-dist.pl ignores DESTDIR
RT#126764 [BUG] --target=ast generating error or warning
RT#126763 [BUG] X::AdHoc instead of X::TypeCheck::Binding with subset parameter
RT#126759 [BUG] EVAL not working with custom circumfixes,terms, etc
RT#126717 [BUG] Exception generated within the .message method of a thrown exception is silently swallowed
RT#126714 [BUG] attr type via role param seems to break attr default value
RT#126713 [BUG] Literal array interpolation in regex doesn't match as expected.
RT#126653 [BUG] trait "is looser" doesn't work as expected.
RT#126643 [BUG] 'cached' trait fails inside a role
RT#126636 [BUG] --doc should not stop at =finish
RT#126551 [BUG] [SEGV] on EXPORT returning Hash in weird circumstance
RT#126549 [BUG] Importing multi in lexical scope clobbers the multi
RT#126547 [BUG] Cannot export trait_mod:<is> if NativeCall is used in precompiled module
RT#126510 [BUG] >>~>> with a List of Pair on the left gets confused and starts talking about the Pairs being immutable in Rakudo
RT#126492 [BUG] native str attributes default to null instead of empty string
RT#126422 [BUG] Comment after closing sub brace breaks debugger
RT#126417 [BUG] proto signature default values don't work (NYI?)
RT#126384 [BUG] Cannot inherit from CORE::Int or similar forms
RT#126350 [BUG] [SEGV] with precompile + add_method
RT#126336 [BUG] assignment of LoL or LoR in sink context silently drops list elements
RT#126317 [BUG] custom declarator examples in S12 don't work (nested packages)
RT#126301 [BUG] self in Class.^add_method is not a Class object
RT#126292 [BUG] feeds don't correctly append to an argument list anymore
RT#126243 [BUG] capturing to lexical variable not handled
RT#126238 [BUG] LTM does not seem to apply within metaoperators, or does not take new operators in account.
RT#126218 [BUG] Bizarre Compile time error apparently at runtime
RT#126209 [BUG] LTA error message for $hash assignment with missing comma
RT#126198 [BUG] [TESTCOMMITTED] Defining a Proxy with methods instead of subs leads to surprising results in Rakudo
RT#126189 [BUG] [PERF] `loop { 0, .1 ... 1000 }` leaks memory
RT#126139 [BUG] [GLR] nested lazy cross operators confuse the continuations
RT#126130 [BUG] Real.new hangs on .gist
RT#126122 [BUG] [MOLD] Instant.from-posix has faulty pre-1961 leap second knowledge
RT#126121 [BUG] [MOLD] Instant.from-posix has faulty pre-1972 leap second knowledge
RT#126119 [BUG] [RFC] Instant.from-posix has false future leap second knowledge
RT#126117 [BUG] [LTA] Misleading error message when using a definite constant as type constraint
RT#126116 [BUG] native type constraint inconsistently applied
RT#126111 [BUG] coercive type constraint for variable inconsistently accepted
RT#126102 [BUG] Rat.perl doesn't round-trip numerical value
RT#126098 [@LARRY] [BUG] malformed .perl for Mu but True
RT#126097 [BUG] lossy .perl for 0 but True
RT#125978 [BUG] [CONC] [SEGV] (and other crashes) when using .hyper
RT#125975 [BUG] [NYI] our \NOW = DateTime.now;
RT#125935 [BUG] Cannot print a type captured copied into a variable in the parameter list of a role in Rakudo
RT#125934 [BUG] &?ROUTINE changes to something else in gather in for loop
RT#125908 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] duplicate triggers of .act when using parallel greps on an IO::Notification.watch_path supply
RT#125899 [BUG] Just-declared variable should be visible inside 'will <phaser>' block, but isn't in Rakudo
RT#125808 [BOOTSTRAP] [BUG] GLOBAL is NQPMu in sub EXPORT which breaks indirect calls
RT#125754 [BUG] handles Positional doesn't "work"
RT#125662 [BUG] Unknown type error being hidden in trait definittion.
RT#125659 [BUG] Internal error when doing $::<a> in Rakudo
RT#125638 [BUG] [LTA] error message on illegally post-declared label in Rakudo
RT#125634 [BUG] Using a compiled (mbc) wrapping trait: Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null, cs = 0)
RT#125614 [BUG] Can't store whole 1&2 junctions in Mu-keyed hash in Rakudo
RT#125507 [BUG] [PERF] [SEGV] A script shows an invalid read in valgrind (and leaks and segfaults) in Rakudo
RT#125408 [BUG] CArray[num64] numiness optimised away
RT#125353 [BUG] %(:a:b) ignores all elements after the first one
RT#125331 [BUG] Match on undefined value returns twodifferent warning messages
RT#125290 [BUG] Possible include path issue
RT#125200 [BUG] parametric role generic type not resolving early enough?
RT#125133 [BUG] exhaustive capture too greedy (Or bogus test?)
RT#125130 [BUG] cannot access pod blocks as a Hash
RT#125122 [BUG] capturing to lexical variable buggy
RT#125116 [BUG] [LHF] [LTA] More helpful sorry message for bitwise operators
RT#124961 [BUG] POST and exceptions
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