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RT#132219 [@LARRY] [REGEX] non-ratchet right-hand branch of `||` causes backtracking into the alternation
RT#131505 [@LARRY] Special case allomorph coercion everywhere
RT#131261 [@LARRY] phasers/loop controls in routines that accept Callables
RT#130508 [@LARRY] Backslashed digits in character classes are inconsistent (/ <[\5]> /)
RT#130493 [@LARRY] [RFC] .sink of class not getting called, but Mu.sink is
RT#130363 [@LARRY] there's no match for Any aka /./ codegens differently from m/./
RT#130020 [@LARRY] [RFC] Create a set of conventions to minimize impact internal changes to user's code
RT#129248 [@LARRY] [BUG] Str.rindex returns error messages with missing or incorrect information
RT#128965 [@LARRY] [BUG] Pair.WHICH mishandles Scalar key
RT#127506 [@LARRY] min(NaN, Inf) is Inf but max(NaN, Inf) is NaN
RT#127344 [@LARRY] [RFC] fail to handle numbers as option name for MAIN
RT#126283 [6.D] [@LARRY] invocants default to :D ?
RT#126142 [@LARRY] [NYI] Syntactic Categories in Grammars
RT#126113 [@LARRY] Cannot bind to &::("CORE")::foo (Or bogus test?)
RT#126098 [@LARRY] [BUG] malformed .perl for Mu but True
RT#126092 [@LARRY] Should `List.Capture` really turn Pair elements to named arguments?
RT#125466 [@LARRY] [MATH] [TESTCOMMITTED] bitwise shift is inconsistent on int
RT#125337 [@LARRY] NaN in sequences/ranges | weirdness and the lack of laziness
RT#125028 [@LARRY] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-modifier/perl5_9.t line:38 reason: test file needs review
RT#125005 [@LARRY] :./S05-capture/dot.t line:72 reason: 'dubious test'
RT#125004 [@LARRY] :./S05-capture/dot.t line:67 reason: 'dubious test'
RT#124947 [@LARRY] :./S05-metachars/closure.t line:37 reason: 'assignment to match variables (dubious)'
RT#124946 [@LARRY] :./S05-metachars/closure.t line:26 reason: 'assignment to match variables (dubious)'
RT#124908 [@LARRY] :./S12-attributes/instance.t line:557 reason: 'dubious test - the initializer becomes a submethod here, implying a scope'
RT#124679 [@LARRY] Rakudo allows using '#`' (embedded comment) without following opening bracket, should not
RT#123835 [@LARRY] Cannot use 'is rw' on optional parameter
RT#123445 [@LARRY] More generic arguments should be acceptable for blocks supplied as closure parameters
RT#122369 [@LARRY] binding to a list fails
RT#121991 [@LARRY] [BUG] Unless 'use soft' is in play, .wrap should die in Rakudo
RT#120995 [@LARRY] Error when passing the same named argument twice using different aliases
RT#116208 [@LARRY] Whatever-priming and thunking doesn't mix
RT#116186 [@LARRY] In a recursive List, should a term be allowed to depend on a later term?
RT#111164 [@LARRY] Cannot slice a Range that is bound to an array variable