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RT#132121 [9999] [REGEX] Overflow of writing to aliases of numbered captures
RT#131966 [9999] Shaped native arrays with negative sizes (my int @a[-9999999999999999])
RT#130437 [9999] [RFC] Ranges with Infs on endpoints could be smarter ((0..Inf)[99999999999])
RT#130290 [9999] [REGRESSION] Weird behavior due to overflow when indexing from the back (@a[*-9999999999999999999]:delete)
RT#130153 [9999] [BUG] Int**Int yields bogus overflow
RT#128468 [9999] [RFC] Using negative exit code should probably be forbidden (exit -99999)
RT#125524 [9999] [MATH] exponentiation overflows to 0 under MoarVM