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RT#133791 [UNTAGGED] perl 6 parser bugging out on a comment thinking it is a real var
RT#133772 [UNTAGGED] stringification of regex with variables
RT#133762 [TESTNEEDED] Quanthashes should be parameterizable
RT#133300 [UNTAGGED] missing symbol name in error for &::() lookup failure
RT#133162 [UNTAGGED] Problem with sample socket code: core dump from malloc failure and memory corruption
RT#133057 [UNTAGGED] Odd interaction of HTTP::UserAgent and Promises
RT#133017 [UNTAGGED] First intermediate value of reduction with zip operator
RT#132983 [UNTAGGED] Roast S32-io/IO-Socket-Async.t test fails WSL - listen "already in use" test
RT#132980 [UNTAGGED] Coercion type apparently does not check the actual type of the coerced value
RT#132885 [UNTAGGED] .next-handle seems to change handles but doesn't
RT#132874 [MOAR] [NYI] Support for utf16 and binary IO with 16/32-bit bufs
RT#132864 [UNTAGGED] Make P6 "int" always match C "int" (or provide an alternative)
RT#132835 [LTA] "An operation first awaited" error needs to be clearer
RT#132794 [UNTAGGED] Junction as default value needs to throw if it would autothread
RT#132785 [BUILD] MoarVM build fail on termux/Android 6.0.1
RT#132784 [BUILD] make install fail on termux/Android 6.0.1
RT#132713 [UNTAGGED] Order of `is assoc` and precedence traits matter, but should it?
RT#132711 [LTA] Stupidly using `is assoc` with unary prefix operator has an error message from the deep
RT#132710 [LTA] Warning message for duplicated tighter trait
RT#132699 [UNTAGGED] Dependent roles problem
RT#132694 [JVM] Coercion type Str(Any) returned from .keyof is not the same object as Str(Any)
RT#132650 [POD] =begin comment/=end comment blocks ought to nest
RT#132611 [UNTAGGED] Re: loop { "x" ~~ /(.)<{$0}>/ } # Out of memory in a couple of seconds
RT#132592 [UNTAGGED] Typed Array assignment type check fails sometimes
RT#132570 [UNTAGGED] invalid typename or unknown type when nested under builtin type hierarchy
RT#132525 [BUG] [PRECOMP] [REGRESSION] type constraints to Array[Pair] don't work when precompiled
RT#132512 [REGRESSION] make in regex on uncomposed type results in Nil
RT#132510 [UNTAGGED] "problem while trying to set up Linenoise"
RT#132487 [UNTAGGED] Accessing the native-descriptor() from a Proc output seems to break it.
RT#132452 [WINDOWS] Unicode: shells print garbage instead of "「」"
RT#132447 [TESTNEEDED] IO.slurp throws exception when run in threads
RT#132441 [IO] [SEVERE] [WINDOWS] IO::Handle.read-internal cannot handle fancy Unicode chars on TTY handles
RT#132416 [UNTAGGED] Symbols in nested packages not found in some cases
RT#132377 [BUG] [POD] tables inside =begin/=end comment pairs cause exception
RT#132335 [LTA] pure numeric values of address families are not useful enough ( IO::Socket::INET.new(:host<http://perl6.o>, :port(42)) )
RT#132330 [UNTAGGED] Sets can be equal even though their elements aren’t
RT#132328 [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] DBIish tests are failing spectacularly (JIT compilation of native calls)
RT#132327 [UNTAGGED] Floating-point literal in sink context changes the result of further expressions
RT#132326 [UNTAGGED] Potential issue with `is default` and Promises
RT#132313 [UNTAGGED] Rat literal syntax creates Rats with denominators larger than 64 bits
RT#132307 [MOAR] Slurpy positionals cause type constraints to be ignored on named args
RT#132306 [PERF] parameters, even if unused, make stuff slower ( f1($a, $, $, $, $, $) vs f2($a, $b, $c, $d, $e, $f) )
RT#132305 [UNI] In some cases ‘Numeric’ uniprop returns “Lower” but it should be “None” instead (say ‘a’.uniprop(‘Numeric’))
RT#132302 [UNTAGGED] Str.trans grabs callers $/ for unknown reason
RT#132292 [UNTAGGED] Recursively .emit-ing from the tap of the same supply bails out
RT#132290 [LTA] .gist of a Method does not always show its .name (.say for <a b c>.^methods)
RT#132289 [REGRESSION] Lost line number in Proc::Async's “no such file or directory” error
RT#132280 [PERF] [REGRESSION] Cool methods that take and pass a Capture are uber slower (.contains: 'meow' for ^10000_00)
RT#132269 [BUG] [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] JIT removing loop construct and confusing last()
RT#132258 [SECURITY] [WINDOWS] `run "perl6" ...` can be made to execute shell commands
RT#132248 [UNTAGGED] Z Metaoperator bug
RT#132241 [LTA] tr/// and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132240 [LTA] s/// and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132239 [LTA] q:to and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132237 [LTA] regexes and “Corresponding … was at line”
RT#132233 [UNI] ignorecase doesn't use foldcase semantics when the haystack is interpolated
RT#132232 [UNI] ignorecase returns too many graphemes for expanding foldcase graphemes
RT#132228 [SEGV] nqp::push to a typeobject of a class with repr("VMArray")
RT#132226 [UNTAGGED] "impossible" undefined value in concurrent ENTER phasers
RT#132225 [UNTAGGED] segmentation fault while concurrently updating SetHash
RT#132222 [BUG] 'HAS' Embedded C-Structs not working as documented
RT#132219 [@LARRY] [REGEX] non-ratchet right-hand branch of `||` causes backtracking into the alternation
RT#132214 [LHF] [TESTNEEDED] `need` with version silently fails
RT#132210 [UNTAGGED] Can't use `!` or `is required` with named Callable param constrainted by signature
RT#132209 [UNTAGGED] Crash when type-constraining by a named param by signature
RT#132205 [UNTAGGED] .gist of a Match should not print null bytes, and maybe other control chars too (say “\0” ~~ /<[\0]>/)
RT#132194 [UNTAGGED] $*PROGRAM-NAME is not assignable / does not change process's name
RT#132186 [PRECOMP] [REGEX] "getlex: outer index out of range" with precomped `constant` Regex
RT#132185 [LTA] file tests and Failure do not interact as expected
RT#132183 [UNTAGGED] Insufficient debug messages from zef/perl6.bat when package build fails
RT#132176 [RFC] Aliasing of Unicode ops to Texas Versions
RT#132169 [UNTAGGED] Using ::Foo type capture as default causes inconsistent bind result
RT#132168 [LTA] Mention context when suspecting runaway quotes (say "foo'; my $x = 42;)
RT#132162 [LTA] error of trying to assign to read-only $/ should offer a solution
RT#132157 [REGRESSION] Should not be able to add attributes in augment
RT#132156 [LTA] Suggest polymod for bases > 36 (9123607.base(37))
RT#132154 [UNTAGGED] slurp is mangling newlines, it should not (slurp ‘foo’)
RT#132149 [BUG] Some Method objects use wrong .gist method
RT#132148 [RFC] native 'str' type unspecced, undocumented, and ill-defined
RT#132146 [LTA] Consistency of `&` coercer
RT#132140 [UNTAGGED] Behaviour of bang-bang
RT#132133 [LTA] Nameless @/% sigils with `is rw` don't get complained about
RT#132121 [9999] [REGEX] Overflow of writing to aliases of numbered captures
RT#132111 [UNTAGGED] Make it possible to change the buffer size on a handle (.set-buffer?)
RT#132110 [BUG] cannot include a module directory if some subdirectory cannot be opened
RT#132108 [EXOTICTEST] [REGRESSION] [TESTNEEDED] Test output should not be buffered even for non-TTYs (prove -j 8 …)
RT#132107 [LTA] Error talks about negative substrings when attempting to match `/)> ... <(/`
RT#132104 [JVM] EvalServer leaks threads and memory when using Proc::Async
RT#132102 [JVM] ‘make test’ fails a lot of nativecall tests
RT#132101 [JVM] ‘make test’ does not work before ‘make install’
RT#132090 [UNTAGGED] NQPMu leaking out when calling nativesize on int and num type
RT#132089 [UNTAGGED] Strange error: "Found named parameter '(unnamed)' twice in signature"
RT#132088 [NATIVECALL] [REGRESSION] code broken by latest build
RT#132086 [BUG] will leave {} variable trait does not compile inside modules
RT#132081 [LTA] Wrong exception type on bad attribute default values
RT#132076 [UNTAGGED] next/last controls loop from exception stack instead of lexical loop
RT#132053 [BUG] Autovivification on element with [] or {} as default causes "secret" keys
RT#132052 [BUG] Routine parameter constrained with a native type, doesn't realize when it gets boxed
RT#132051 [BUG] [OO] Error when using a role parameter to parameterize another role.
RT#132050 [BUG] Strange behavior with FIRST + while block + required parameter
RT#132044 [UNTAGGED] returning inside whenever block causes MoarVM panic
RT#132043 [IO] When IO::Notification is watching a file, the `path` attribute doubles the filename
RT#132041 [UNI] Str.perl fails to escape certain lone diacritics at the start of the string.
RT#132040 [LTA] Pointless to P5-warn on % sigil interpolation which Perl5 does not do
RT#132034 [UNTAGGED] Presence of NEXT phasers interferes with labeled `next`
RT#132033 [BUG] Set.WHICH clashes due to hashing
RT#132032 [BUG] List.new loses Nil
RT#132025 [BUG] do statement is not fully considered to be a loop
RT#132015 [LTA] Backtraces for errors in EVAL print nonexistent paths (‘foo’.EVAL)
RT#132010 [NYI] [REGRESSION] S metaop not implemented
RT#132005 [SEVERE] --target=parse and : invocant syntax (say 25:)
RT#132004 [REGEX] Left-recursion causes infinite loop
RT#132003 [NYI] Grammars parsing from Blob/Buf
RT#131998 [LTA] Not really good error with wrong class creation by passing a pair to a named arg to new
RT#131997 [UNTAGGED] Rakudo Star Bug
RT#131994 [REGRESSION] [SEVERE] int32 goes crazy on -2147483648 (my int32 $x = -2147483648; say $x * 1.0)
RT#131981 [BUG] Multi-dim array subscript incorrectly returns a List when the indices are not of type Int
RT#131974 [BUG] Paramaterizing a role with a signature fails very strangely
RT#131972 [BUG] misleading grammar error output when referring to a missing rule with a similarly named sub-rule
RT#131971 [UNTAGGED] can not require ::($.member)
RT#131970 [UNTAGGED] LTA error handling: shouldnt the Failure convert into an Exception
RT#131966 [9999] Shaped native arrays with negative sizes (my int @a[-9999999999999999])
RT#131965 [UNTAGGED] Shaped arrays can't have zero size
RT#131956 [UNTAGGED] Zen/Whatever slice ignore :v
RT#131948 [UNTAGGED] Typename declared via type capture does not work in return type constraint
RT#131947 [OO] Using a role parameter to constrain an uninitialized attribute, leaks a generic type object.
RT#131945 [LTA] Differring behaviours when using an outer-scope-declared var before declaring it in current scope
RT#131940 [UNTAGGED] Proc::Async.bind-stdin leaves a unix socket open
RT#131935 [UNTAGGED] Spesh issue with errata tests: complex.t, unpolar.t, rat.t, fatrat.t
RT#131932 [UNTAGGED] Inconsistency: `&infix:<^^>` evaluates Callables, but regular `^^` doesn't
RT#131927 [BUG] heredoc body contains a tab that gets incorrectly converted to spaces
RT#131925 [BUG] [REGEX] Smartmatch against `m//` operator mishandles junctions
RT#131923 [UNTAGGED] Proc::Async.stdout and zero-separated input ($proc.stdout.split(“\0”) … )
RT#131922 [LTA] "Variadic" or "slurpy"?
RT#131919 [RFC] Returning Failure from failed P6-level .parse
RT#131914 [REGRESSION] Rakudo/Moar taking more memory at launch.
RT#131913 [UNTAGGED] EXPORT and is export behave differently with dynamic variables
RT#131911 [BUG] non-Perl 6 scripts in the module bin directory do not install in a runnable form
RT#131900 [BUG] [REPL] REPL loses custom operators
RT#131889 [UNTAGGED] Segfault / malloc errors testing Uzu with latest Rakudo
RT#131888 [UNTAGGED] No such method 'cache' for invocant of type 'NQPMu'
RT#131884 [LTA] Could not fine Aoeu at line 1, but line 1 of what? (use Aoeu)
RT#131877 [LTA] better error message for exit("hello")
RT#131871 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Regex code block closing over lexical variable, is not threadsafe
RT#131870 [CONC] [REGEX] [TESTNEEDED] Capture lookup inside regex is not threadsafe
RT#131853 [LTA] Error when missing `~~` in where clause: This type (QAST::WVal) does not support positional operations
RT#131845 [UNTAGGED] Binding a Seq to a `@` variable tries to consume it first
RT#131842 [LTA] Error says wanted number of arguments is 1; passed 1
RT#131841 [BUG] In a 'unit module', a 'die' along any CATCH block causes a compiler error
RT#131840 [UNTAGGED] Code ref '' does not exist in serialization context
RT#131839 [UNTAGGED] Missing serialize REPR function for REPR ConditionVariable (Lock::ConditionVariable)
RT#131838 [BUG] Error references $^foo variable instead of $:foo actually used
RT#131829 [UNTAGGED] Weird memory leakage of sequences and other things ( (1…∞).grep(* < 0)[^10] )
RT#131826 [UNTAGGED] Hash slice with structured list does not come out structured / adverbs do not work
RT#131815 [UNTAGGED] `zef search` fails after installing `rakudo-star-2017.07-x86_64 (JIT).msi` on Windows 10 Home x64
RT#131814 [UNTAGGED] quote bug in shell command on windows
RT#131813 [TESTNEEDED] Segfault with --profile
RT#131805 [PERF] [REGRESSION] .grep-ing Ints with a code block is now almost twice slower ( .grep({/foo/}) )
RT#131797 [UNTAGGED] “expected:” and “got:” messages in test output .Str-ify data, that's not entirely right (cmp-ok ‘a’, ‘~~’, /b/)
RT#131791 [UNTAGGED] Custom class :D coersers don't work
RT#131789 [UNTAGGED] LTA error message: unexpected argument
RT#131785 [BUG] - runtime looping.
RT#131780 [SEGV] Crash while running test
RT#131778 [UNTAGGED] BUG: IO::Socket::INET
RT#131766 [UNTAGGED] Specifying the source address of an outgoing connection using IO::Socket::*
RT#131758 [BUG] [REGRESSION] 'Unhandled exception: const_n32 NYI at SeekFromEnd:9154'
RT#131754 [LTA] Error message when using a term bareword as if it were a subroutine
RT#131745 [UNTAGGED] Wrong rakudo's INSTALL.txt instructions mention non-existent --with-moar option
RT#131742 [BUG] - Redefining operator '>'.
RT#131739 [BUG] - Writing an infix operator '>'.
RT#131722 [UNTAGGED] Map and containerization (my %m := Map.new(‘a’, ‘X’); %m<a> = 42)
RT#131710 [BUG] andthen=, notandthen=, and orelse= thunk incorrectly and don't alias $_
RT#131707 [BUG] Private Methods/Attributes in roles do not work as expected
RT#131705 [UNTAGGED] constant Regex: getlex: outer index out of range
RT#131699 [LTA] Errors indexing past the end of a List
RT#131686 [BUG] `[X] @list-of-lists` misbehaves with list of one list
RT#131684 [TESTNEEDED] Iterator and Supply might fail early if Nil is sent on a channel
RT#131676 [UNTAGGED] doing a role fails to find inherited methods in some cases
RT#131670 [UNTAGGED] Some warnings don't respect $*ERR
RT#131666 [UNTAGGED] NativeCall MoarVM panic
RT#131640 [UNTAGGED] Unterminated qw subscript should say the line number where it was started ( say “$<x” )
RT#131639 [BUG] Junction:D.iterator returns an iterator that .pulls-one a Mu type object
RT#131626 [PERF] [PERFTEST] [TESTNEEDED] ≥ and ≤ are 36x slower than Texas version; ≠ is 15x slower
RT#131610 [BUG] [OPTIMIZER] Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull) when doing coercitive type constraint with subset
RT#131608 [BUG] Apparent improper handling of SIGPIPE
RT#131599 [RFC] Allow a Callable for `is default` that will generate default values
RT#131590 [UNTAGGED] .cando fails to locate candidates with native parameters
RT#131584 [REGRESSION] EXPORTHOW SUPERSEDE/DECLARE Cannot invoke this object
RT#131583 [RFC] Sort content of ^methods
RT#131574 [BUG] Incorrect circularity detection with infix:<+>
RT#131553 [UNTAGGED] IO::Socket::INET mishandles IPv6
RT#131552 [BUG] «||=« leads to Non ast passed to WANTED: NQPMu␤Non ast passed to WANTED: NQPMu␤Weird node in analyze
RT#131542 [BUG] `state` variables unset if multi candidate uses named params
RT#131539 [LTA] $*PERL.compiler.version produces different versions on different OSes even if built from same commit
RT#131530 [BUG] Perl6 REPL forgets the definition of infix sub
RT#131528 [PRECOMP] Issues when sub itself instead of its "dispatcher" used in sub EXPORT
RT#131527 [UNTAGGED] Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)
RT#131517 [BUG] Perl5-ism regex range detector hides a more useful error
RT#131511 [UNTAGGED] [Feature Request] Take a step closer to Signatures as constraints on variables.
RT#131510 [SEGV] [TESTNEEDED] Segfault when `-Ilib` while running a file that does `use lib <lib>` and loads some modules
RT#131508 [BUG] `state` with `% is Sethash` ends up with a type object on second entry to block
RT#131507 [LTA] “Weird node in analyze” when hyper calling an array of blocks ( @foo»() )
RT#131505 [@LARRY] Special case allomorph coercion everywhere
RT#131504 [LTA] .&foo form differs from foo($_) when routine throws control exceptions
RT#131501 [BUG] meta-forms of andthen, notandthen, and orelse leak thunks when Slips given as args
RT#131500 [BUG] Loose ops in argument list cause parse failures in some cases
RT#131495 [UNTAGGED] QAST and MAST errors from my code
RT#131491 [UNTAGGED] Using infix:<xx> to set default sometimes ends up as Seq in `where` clause
RT#131481 [EXOTICTEST] [TESTNEEDED] No perl6-debug
RT#131476 [UNTAGGED] list named argument in MAIN
RT#131413 [LTA] Errors in Int() coercer
RT#131412 [NYI] Label.goto() not yet implemented
RT#131401 [UNTAGGED] Feature Request NativeCall function pointer typedef
RT#131399 [UNTAGGED] Feature Request: Better NativeCall Array termination
RT#131397 [UNTAGGED] semicolon subscripting in multi dim arrays has odd interactions with numeric string indexes
RT#131393 [JVM] When reading from stdin, eof is not respected
RT#131389 [UNTAGGED] Some parsing glitch with `\term` in a string
RT#131382 [LTA] for, parens, and lack of whitespace (for(^700){say 2})
RT#131381 [BUG] function prototypes using array of subset type give type error
RT#131379 [IO] read from file containing 1-char of malformed UTF returns empty string
RT#131375 [BUG] [TESTNEEDED] error initializing large array on Windows (64-bit)
RT#131372 [BUG] infix eqv may hang when comparing equivalent recursive arrays
RT#131366 [BUG] Mixining in Blob role gives "P6opaque: missing attribute protocol in compose"
RT#131364 [UNTAGGED] concurrent quicksort from Damien gives different crashes each time
RT#131363 [LTA] Using dot instead of a semicolon as a statement end (say ‘hello’.)
RT#131360 [LTA] error message when forgetting the initial curly quote (say hello world’)
RT#131344 [REGRESSION] `slip` ignores containerization
RT#131343 [BUG] Constraining an attribute to a defined version of a type passed to a parameterized role fails.
RT#131341 [UNTAGGED] Cannot array-index after using «» (or << >>) indexing
RT#131334 [LTA] “Too many symbols” is right but can be confusing (sub infix:<a b> { … })
RT#131333 [LTA] use of undeclared attributes gives not useful line number in error
RT#131332 [BUG] Hyper method call on typed Array returns "impossible" result
RT#131326 [UNTAGGED] "Cannot invoke this object (REPR: Null; VMNull)" Error when using Grammar::Debugger
RT#131311 [BUG] Embedded CStruct/CUnions incorrectly considered undefined when defined, but 0
RT#131310 [UNTAGGED] Can't subset native types
RT#131307 [UNTAGGED] warning-less sub closure over a variable declared later in same scope
RT#131302 [LTA] Seq:D ~~ Seq:D uses Any.ACCEPTS
RT#131299 [UNTAGGED] Test failure on Raspberry Pi (2017.04)
RT#131281 [UNTAGGED] next on last iteration of loop injects Mu into return value and fouls termination test
RT#131280 [BUG] Nested slices do not work when adverbs are present
RT#131262 [BUG] LTA error message for .^add_method redefinition
RT#131261 [@LARRY] phasers/loop controls in routines that accept Callables
RT#131247 [REGRESSION] )> in regex results in stuff being matched wrongly ( /)> . <(/ )
RT#131244 [UNTAGGED] Baggy/Setty .Str/.gist/.perl needs to guarantee order, like Map/Hash do
RT#131237 [BUG] FreeBSD 11, rakudo r5e74017d: fails test 11 in t/04-nativecall/02-simple-args.t
RT#131207 [REGEX] [REGRESSION] unexpected NFA
RT#131206 [TESTNEEDED] “Oops!!!” when using --target=ast (^…)
RT#131200 [LTA] Error message after require Test qw(&ok);
RT#131196 [POD] #| Doesn't parse POD formatting
RT#131189 [REPL] Trying to --target=parse REPL gives LTA error
RT#131178 [IO] mkdir '/' fails on OSX but succeeds on Linux
RT#131174 [NYI] Atrribute Introspect shape
RT#131168 [UNTAGGED] problems when using require ::($m)
RT#131162 [UNTAGGED] .splice loses containerization on replacement value
RT#131160 [UNTAGGED] Test failures installing Rakudo* 2017.01 on Raspberry Pi
RT#131158 [IO] Inconsistent lock/unlock behaviour on Windows/Linux
RT#131152 [BUG] (FIRST/LAST Phasers doesn't work in loop/while structures)
RT#131149 [SEVERE] uint attributes behave like int
RT#131134 [BUG] Native array[int] accepts junction with negative index
RT#131130 [PRECOMP] Backtrace not serializable: Code ref '' does not exist in serialization context
RT#131122 [BUG] unsigned native ints not applied in class attributes
RT#131120 [BUG] Junctions don't autothread some methods correctly
RT#131119 [LTA] Run time “SORRY!” when working with junctions ( say +any(‘abc’, 42.5) )
RT#131103 [UNTAGGED] Cannot initialize object hashes with coercive types
RT#131102 [REGRESSION] state variables are no longer working as expected in regex code blocks (/^ <?{ say $++ }> /)
RT#131099 [LTA] is assoc('list') gives "MVMArray: Can't pop from an empty array"
RT#131089 [UNTAGGED] Different parsing of combined colonpairs
RT#131086 [UNTAGGED] creating a Buf with a shaped native array doesn't use the fast native array .new
RT#131071 [BUG] unpacking a slurpy in `my` creates `Mu`s despite working when used in a routine's sig
RT#131060 [UNTAGGED] .grep does not fire FIRST / LAST / NEXT phasers
RT#131048 [BUG] [STAR] Cursor behavior with Unicode in command line interactive input
RT#131043 [BUG] Binding to `state` variable silently fails
RT#131041 [TESTNEEDED] Use of Nil in string context
RT#131026 [IO] Failing to read from IO::Pipe fast enough, apparently loses data
RT#131014 [BUG] multi dispatch error on signature with coerce and smiley
RT#131003 [SEGV] [SEVERE] Heap corruption when using Gumbo
RT#130982 [PERF] "for $a..$b -> $i { ... }" loops are sometimes much slower than c-style loops
RT#130975 [BUG] SetHash.perl.EVAL confused by Pair
RT#130974 [BUG] Set.perl.EVAL confused by Pair
RT#130973 [BUG] List.Set loses List elements
RT#130970 [BUG] Set.new confused by Nil
RT#130969 [LTA] more inconsistent coercions for Bool
RT#130968 [BUG] Range.new confused by Nil
RT#130967 [BUG] Junction.perl confused by iterable element
RT#130965 [LTA] `but role { ... }` interacts strangely with outer lexicals, and doesn't warn about it
RT#130963 [BUG] Array.perl loses `is default`
RT#130962 [BUG] List.Array loses Nil
RT#130959 [BUG] Str ~~ Range(with Str end points) gives wrong results
RT#130956 [BUG] `xx` with large Int repeat count gives bogus results
RT#130947 [BUG] Multi-dimensional Hash subscripts return a List even when indexing a single element
RT#130930 [LTA] Z and X think that a Slip represents multiple arguments
RT#130912 [BUG] [UNI] Str.perl/repl fail on outside-Unicode codepoints
RT#130910 [REGEX] Backtracking into a parameterized subrule like `<meh(42)>` tries to call it without arguments.
RT#130898 [BUG] IO::Spec confused by diacritics
RT#130895 [SINK] `when` fails to sink stuff when it's not in a `given`
RT#130892 [WINDOWS] t\spec\S32-io\IO-Socket-INET.t hangs on Windows
RT#130887 [BUG] .perl omits backtrace of exception
RT#130883 [UNTAGGED] problem with RESOURCES and PERL6LIB env variable
RT#130877 [BUG] called-without-args error refers to non-existent method
RT#130875 [BUG] clashing Nil type constraints incorrectly described
RT#130867 [BUG] `only` methods are used where `multies` should be, preventing dispatch to Mu.* candidates
RT#130864 [LTA] Error mentions QAST::WVal when using `:(%a)` on a hash
RT#130862 [LTA] line number for `Too few possionals passed` error incorrectly points to last block in a HEREDOC
RT#130840 [IO] [JVM] IO::Handle.readchars incorrectly assumes all chars are 2 bytes long
RT#130817 [BUG] [LTA] shaped array attribute cannot be initialized from previously defined attributes
RT#130816 [UNTAGGED] assignment silently drops colon list elements
RT#130797 [LTA] error message on punning role with stub methods
RT#130796 [CONC] Data races somewhere in SEQUENCE and/or continuation resuming code
RT#130794 [UNTAGGED] Cannot import a symbol from precomp if its namespace is occupied
RT#130793 [UNTAGGED] explicit .resume on Broken promise exception "not resumable", implicit fine
RT#130792 [UNTAGGED] nativecast of a rakudo-allocated value doesn't GC-proof it unless assigned to variable
RT#130790 [UNTAGGED] Native and shaped array gives weird error when index is out of range
RT#130781 [UNTAGGED] Using both :out and :err in run() reports the wrong exit code
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RT#125089 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S11-modules/import-multi.t line:89 reason: 'A symbol &Gfoo has already been exported'
RT#125088 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S11-modules/import.t line:49 reason: 'import plus inline module'
RT#125087 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S11-modules/import.t line:25 reason: 'import plus inline module'
RT#125086 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S11-modules/export.t line:119 reason: export issue
RT#125077 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-filehandles/io.t line:272 reason: 'will fail due to above failures'
RT#125072 [NYI] exception: "unspace can't hide space between # and opening bracket" Roast rakudo todo test: S02-lexical-conventions/unspace.t:78
RT#125070 [UNI] uniname :either option NYI
RT#125069 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-unicode-information/uniname.t line:30 reason: :one [NYI]
RT#125062 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S04-declarations/will.t line:54 reason: will post [NYI]
RT#125061 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S04-declarations/will.t line:33 reason: 'declared variable not visible in block yet'
RT#125054 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S04-declarations/constant.t line:86 reason: 'COMPILING'
RT#125053 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S04-declarations/multiple.t line:30 reason: 'nom regression'
RT#125050 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-sequence/nonnumeric.t line:72 reason: 'lifting comparison ops'
RT#125049 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-sequence/nonnumeric.t line:8 reason: 'hangs'
RT#125048 [CONC] [FLAP] :./S17-procasync/print.t line:50 reason: Flapping tests
RT#125047 [CONC] S17-procasync/basic.t line:80 reason: 'returns Nil (flapping tests)'
RT#125046 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-class/augment-supersede.t line:57 reason: 'redeclaration of symbol Bar'
RT#125045 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-class/anonymous.t line:14 reason: 'Anonymous class stringification (?)'
RT#125044 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-class/stubs.t line:16 reason: 'nom regression'
RT#125042 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-unfiled/rebindstdhandles.t line:26 reason: 'contextual rebinding regression'
RT#125041 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-unfiled/rebindstdhandles.t line:11 reason: 'contextual rebinding regression'
RT#125036 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-modifier/perl5_0.t line:55 reason: [NYI]
RT#125035 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_8.t line:98 reason: '\G'
RT#125034 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_8.t line:91 reason: 'character classes in enumerated range'
RT#125033 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_8.t line:71 reason: 'expensive quantifier'
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RT#125028 [@LARRY] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-modifier/perl5_9.t line:38 reason: test file needs review
RT#125025 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:114 reason: hangs
RT#125024 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:100 reason: (?i) and backreferences
RT#125023 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:50 reason: unknown issue
RT#125022 [REGEX] S05-modifier/perl5_5.t line:34 reason: unknown issue
RT#125020 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S19-command-line-options/05-delimited-options.t line:14 reason: delimited options [NYI]
RT#125014 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-introspection/attributes.t line:55 reason: ':tree [NYI] for .^attributes'
RT#125012 [UNTAGGED] skipped tests in ./S12-introspection/methods.t: ':private' as selector parameter for '^methods' [NYI]
RT#125011 [UNTAGGED] skipped test in ./S12-introspection/methods.t: ':tree' as selector parameter for '^methods' [NYI]
RT#125005 [@LARRY] :./S05-capture/dot.t line:72 reason: 'dubious test'
RT#125004 [@LARRY] :./S05-capture/dot.t line:67 reason: 'dubious test'
RT#125000 [REGEX] S05-capture/named.t line:38 reason: 'assigning to match object'
RT#124996 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip test:./S15-string-types/NF-types.t line:30 reason: 'NFD quoting adverb [NYI]'
RT#124995 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip test:./S15-string-types/NF-types.t line:11 reason: 'NFC quoting adverb [NYI]'
RT#124991 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/Str.t line:8 reason: ':nfg adverb [NYI]'
RT#124990 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-string-types/NFK-types.t line:30 reason: 'NFKD type [NYI]'
RT#124989 [NYI] [UNI] :nfkc adverb on quoteforms
RT#124988 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/methods.t line:14 reason: 'nom regression'
RT#124983 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:231 reason: 'infix Z will never work; no lexical Z'
RT#124982 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:188 reason: 'missing block, apparently if not an op'
RT#124981 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:173 reason: 'infix:<;>'
RT#124979 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-operator-overloading/sub.t line:137 reason: cannot bind with this LHS
RT#124973 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S04-blocks-and-statements/pointy.t line:48 reason: 'pointy blocks and last/redo'
RT#124961 [BUG] POST and exceptions
RT#124960 [NYI] leave
RT#124952 [UNTAGGED] Failing tests in S04-phasers/next.t and .../in-loop.t: NEXT/LEAVE ordering
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RT#124946 [@LARRY] :./S05-metachars/closure.t line:26 reason: 'assignment to match variables (dubious)'
RT#124945 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/tree-node-parameters.t line:65 reason: 'signature binding of return values [NYI]'
RT#124935 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/closure-parameters.t line:48 reason: 'subsignatures dont factor into multi candidates yet'
RT#124927 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/definite-return.t line:10 reason: 'definite values as return specifications dont parse yet'
RT#124924 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/caller-param.t line:12 reason: [NYI]
RT#124921 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/named-parameters.t line:101 reason: 'multiple same-named arguments [NYI]'
RT#124920 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-signature/errors.t line:64 reason: unival NYI
RT#124917 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names/pseudo.t line:263 reason: 'various issues to resolve'
RT#124915 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names/pseudo.t line:36 reason: 'various issues, skipping all for now'
RT#124914 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names/pseudo.t line:13 reason: 'the binding in here is [NYI]'
RT#124913 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names/symbolic-deref.t line:111 reason: [NYI]
RT#124912 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names/strict.t line:22 reason: 'lax mode does not propagate into EVAL yet'
RT#124910 [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S15-nfg/from-file.t line:29 reason: 'writing utf16 [NYI]'
RT#124908 [@LARRY] :./S12-attributes/instance.t line:557 reason: 'dubious test - the initializer becomes a submethod here, implying a scope'
RT#124907 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-container/zip.t line:47 reason: 'lvalue zip'
RT#124904 [REGEX] S05-mass/rx.t line:2108 reason: 'regex <name>'
RT#124903 [REGEX] S05-mass/rx.t line:1505 reason: 'parse error'
RT#124899 [REGEX] S05-mass/rx.t line:1481 reason: ':s()'
RT#124897 [REGEX] Roast rakudo skip/todo test: S05-mass/rx.t:84 reason: '<commit> [NYI]'
RT#124892 [REGEX] Roast rakudo skip/todo test: 05-mass/rx.t:57 reason: '::: [NYI] "full backtrace failure"
RT#124886 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-script.t line:18 reason: 'Unicode properties with arguments'
RT#124884 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:416 reason: 'isCommon NYI'
RT#124883 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:402 reason: 'isUnassigned NYI'
RT#124879 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:379 reason: 'isAny NYI'
RT#124874 [JVM] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-derived.t line:67 reason: isGraphemeLink
RT#124860 [JVM] [NYI] [UNI] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-mass/properties-general.t line:163 reason: No 'Lr' property defined
RT#124852 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-methods/syntax.t line:24 reason: 'switch-from-paren-to-listop form'
RT#124851 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-methods/submethods.t line:85 reason: 'roles and submethods'
RT#124850 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-methods/submethods.t line:70 reason: 'outer lexicals in roles'
RT#124845 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-methods/indirect_notation.t line:107 reason: '.*, .+ and .? with @foo'
RT#124844 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-methods/indirect_notation.t line:75 reason: '.@foo not yet working'
RT#124841 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-coercion/coercion-types.t line:78 reason: [NYI]
RT#124840 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-coercion/coercion-types.t line:67 reason: [NYI]
RT#124838 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S29-conversions/ord_and_chr.t line:168 reason: 'high character name lookup'
RT#124834 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S29-conversions/ord_and_chr.t line:156 reason: 'chr surrogate'
RT#124833 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-enums/non-int.t line:14 reason: [NYI]
RT#124831 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-enums/thorough.t line:60 reason: 'does &day::(Tue)'
RT#124830 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-enums/thorough.t line:51 reason: 'does day::Tue'
RT#124829 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-enums/thorough.t line:40 reason: [NYI]
RT#124828 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S17-supply/watch_path.t line:16 reason: file system events NYI?
RT#124827 [CONC] S17-supply/delayed.t line:27 reason: doesn't work or can't test
RT#124826 [CONC] S17-supply/delayed.t line:14 reason: doesn't work or can't test
RT#124823 [CONC] S17-supply/rotor.t line:10 reason: 'only deprecated so far'
RT#124822 [CONC] S17-supply/stable.t line:14 reason: doesn't work or can't test
RT#124821 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-num/log.t line:74 reason: 'HugeInt.log'
RT#124816 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-num/cool-num.t line:71 reason: 'angle conversion'
RT#124812 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-num/rand.t line:69 reason: 'Test is too slow; srand call incorrect'
RT#124810 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-num/power.t line:81 reason: 'i'
RT#124800 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-num/power.t line:48 reason: 'wrong results for "NaN" used with "**"'
RT#124796 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-num/stringify.t line:69 reason: 'big stuff'
RT#124795 [REGEX] S05-grammar/example.t line:55 reason: 'test error
RT#124784 [IO] S32-io/dir.t line:13 reason: 'directories are not marked with trailing / yet'
RT#124782 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-io/io-path-unix.t line:49 reason: 'resolve [NYI], needs nqp::readlink'
RT#124779 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-hash/slice.t line:76 reason: 'binding on hash elements unimplemented'
RT#124774 [CONC] S17-scheduler/basic.t line:16 reason: waiting for new '.loads' semantics
RT#124772 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-multi/type-based.t line:226 reason: coercions need to fail like constraints
RT#124766 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-basics/xxPOS.t line:64 reason: No such method 'BIND-POS' for invocant of type 'Any'
RT#124754 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-list/last-index.t line:29 reason: adverbial block
RT#124753 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-list/map.t line:49 reason: closure as non-final argument
RT#124751 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-list/classify.t line:25 reason: 'Cannot use bind operator with this LHS'
RT#124746 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S14-roles/parameterized-mixin.t line:96 reason: '.does with parametric roles'
RT#124745 [REGEX] S05-match/perl.t line:30 reason: '<foo::bar>'
RT#124692 [JVM] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-str/substr.t line:43 reason: 'java.nio.charset.MalformedInputException'
RT#124687 [NYI] [UNI] NDF form NYI. Roast rakudo skip test: S32-str/encode.t:34
RT#124686 [JVM] cp1252 code folds when it shouldn't
RT#124685 [REGEX] Roast rakudo skip test: S32-str/split.t:491 reason: 'No such method null for invocant of type Cursor'
RT#124679 [@LARRY] Rakudo allows using '#`' (embedded comment) without following opening bracket, should not
RT#124678 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S09-typed-arrays/native-num.t line:96 reason: borkedness with num and iteration
RT#124677 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S09-typed-arrays/arrays.t line:139 reason: 'type on our-variables'
RT#124676 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S09-typed-arrays/arrays.t line:104 reason: 'initialization'
RT#124675 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-io/quoting-syntax.t line:42 reason: Unsupported use of /s
RT#124674 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-io/quoting-syntax.t line:32 reason: two terms in a row
RT#124673 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-io/quoting-syntax.t line:18 reason: undeclared routine / urecognized adverb
RT#124672 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S16-io/quoting-syntax.t line:8 reason: two terms in a row / unrecognized adverb
RT#124670 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-other/main-usage.t line:215 reason: '[NYI]'
RT#124669 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-other/main-usage.t line:190 reason: '[NYI]'
RT#124664 [MOLD] Failing tests in S06-other/main-usage.t: use of '--switch "arg1 arg2"' on command line
RT#124660 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-other/pairs-as-lvalues.t line:10 reason: [NYI]
RT#124659 [REGEX] S05-transliteration/with-closure.t line:57 reason: 'Unable to resolve method ord in class Any'
RT#124654 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-advanced/wrap.t line:164 reason: 'temp and wrap'
RT#124653 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S06-advanced/wrap.t line:117 reason: 'callwith'
RT#124650 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S01-perl-5-integration/array.t line:79 reason: doesn't work yet due to copying of arrays
RT#124649 [NATIVECALL] test:./S01-perl-5-integration/strings.t line:6 reason: NativeCall strings not yet Null safe
RT#124648 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S01-perl-5-integration/class.t line:17 reason:
RT#124645 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S01-perl-5-integration/basic.t line:80 reason: would need v5
RT#124642 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S12-construction/BUILD.t line:95 reason: 'method BUILD should warn'
RT#124638 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names-vars/names.t line:41 reason: '::{ } package lookup [NYI]'
RT#124637 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-names-vars/names.t line:12 reason: 'package variable autovivification'
RT#124636 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-feeds/basic.t line:133 reason: '* feeds'
RT#124634 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-feeds/basic.t line:91 reason: 'double-ended feeds'
RT#124631 [OO] S03-binding/attributes.t line:44 reason: 'class attributes'
RT#124628 [JVM] doesn't know about signals
RT#124626 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/KERNEL.t line:38 reason: 'no Kernel.desc yet'
RT#124625 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/KERNEL.t line:36 reason: 'no Kernel.signature yet'
RT#124624 [UNTAGGED] $?KERNEL, $?DISTRO, $?VM megaticket
RT#124617 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/DISTRO.t line:44 reason: 'no Distro.signature yet'
RT#124616 [NYI] :./S02-magicals/DISTRO.t line:18 reason: 'unimpl 0DISTRO'
RT#124609 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/VM.t line:45 reason: 'no VM.signature yet'
RT#124608 [NYI] ./S02-magicals/VM.t line:16 reason: 'unimpl 0VM'
RT#124606 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/VM.t line:7 reason: 'VM.properties does not exist'
RT#124603 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:93 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.signature yet'
RT#124600 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:84 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.codename yet'
RT#124597 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:79 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.release yet'
RT#124594 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:75 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.desc yet'
RT#124591 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:71 reason: 'no Perl.compiler.signature yet'
RT#124588 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:61 reason: 'no Perl.signature yet'
RT#124585 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:50 reason: 'no Perl.desc yet'
RT#124582 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:46 reason: 'no Perl.signature yet'
RT#124581 [NYI] :./S02-magicals/PERL.t line:8 reason: 'unimpl 0PERL'
RT#124571 [TODO] statement prefix 'lazy', currently works like 'do'
RT#124566 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-scalar/undef.t line:224 reason: 'Cannot use bind operator with this left-hand side'
RT#124565 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-scalar/undef.t line:105 reason: 'access to &your_sub'
RT#124564 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-scalar/undef.t line:95 reason: 'definedness of hash'
RT#124563 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S32-scalar/undef.t line:89 reason: 'definedness of array'
RT#124562 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-literals/version.t line:30 reason: trailing zeroes fail
RT#124558 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S02-literals/listquote.t line:12 reason: 'meta operators'
RT#124553 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-operators/adverbial-modifiers.t line:170 reason: 'Multi colonpair syntax not yet understood'
RT#124549 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-operators/flip-flop.t line:141 reason: 'NYM flip-flop with True but '
RT#124548 [UNTAGGED] Skipped tests about number of evaluation of lhs and rhs for flipflop operators in S03-operators/flip-flop.t
RT#124539 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-operators/minmax.t line:69 reason: Annoying test that we haven't done the obvious yet unspecced, fails because we have indeed done the obvious
RT#124537 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-operators/identity.t line:130 reason: 'misuse of =:='
RT#124533 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-operators/assign.t line:630 reason: 'cannot modifiy an immutable value'
RT#124531 [UNTAGGED] Skipped tests in S03-operators/assign.t: ~< and ~> [NYI]
RT#124528 [MOLD] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S03-operators/inplace.t line:32 reason: Method '' not found for invocant of class 'Str'
RT#124527 [BOGUSTEST] [REGEX] S05-metasyntax/interpolating-closure.t line:28 reason: 'dunno'
RT#124525 [REGEX] S05-metasyntax/angle-brackets.t line:269 reason: '<*literal>'
RT#124524 [BUG] `<$subrule>` does not cache the compiled subrule (Or bogus test?)
RT#124523 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-metasyntax/angle-brackets.t line:200 reason: '<&foo()> [NYI]'
RT#124522 [UNTAGGED] Roast rakudo skip/todo test:./S05-metasyntax/angle-brackets.t line:122 reason: 'colon arguments [NYI]'
RT#124521 [REGEX] S05-metasyntax/angle-brackets.t line:106 reason: 'angle quotes in regexes'
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